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This event is no longer available.

Life changing NLP, what a great topic! For those who come across it, they learn more about themselves, others and how to get the best results in life. Sounds dramatic and that’s because the results are. Maureen is a very friendly welcoming host who will teach you everything you need to know about NLP.

Maureen is very generously giving her time for these sessions for free; your event fee is by way of a thank you which will be donated to Maureen’s chosen cause TLC (Teenage Life Control) a social enterprise project set up to help young people understand themselves and work on emotional problems such as self-harm, anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts and depression, leading them to their future with confidence and life management techniques to cope with the unwanted. On this event you will meet other like minded people and its a great was to develop your personal skills.

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Spice NLP Evenings

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Posted Mar 12, 2020 12:00
Quite simply that is just what Spice Manchester is - a social activity group for meeting people, making friends and having fun.
Posted Feb 26, 2020 12:00
How do you improve your friendship circle?
Posted Feb 13, 2020 12:00
A lovely group recently returned from a glorious ski trip to Sestriere in Italy. We arrived with some trepidation as there had been no fresh snow for a month however on arrival it was obvious that the resort was proficient with its piste management and the runs were wonderful. We were lucky enough to get some fresh snowfall during our stay too which added to the trip. Many people ski with Spice to be part of the fabulous group feel of our trips and come back again and again - we always make sure that no-one skis alone (unless they specifically want to) and are included within the various levels of ski groups. This was proved by us inviting our 2020 attendees to join us for our 2021 trip to Champoluc in the Monterosa Ski area again in Italy with an 85% take up already! There are still a few places left if you think you might like to join us!
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