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This event is no longer available.

This is a trip extra for the Woburn Abbey and Bletchley Park social weekend. If you wish to book the weekend please use this link for more details. 

Join us for our self-guided visit to this historic and iconic building and attraction. Although we will arrive and start together no doubt we will go around in smaller groups as we will have differing levels of interest so will go around at different speeds. 

There will be an ‘itinerary’ with our visit so you can re-join the group at various intervals including a lunch stop! 

Our multimedia guides will cover all areas of the site and we will discover what went on at each of the key locations, including the famous code breaking huts. 

About Bletchley Park: Seeing one of the Enigma Machines, including the rare 'Abwehr G312', is undoubtedly a highlight of a busy day out at Bletchley Park, but there is much more than machines in a visit to the historic site. Check out the tales of spies and strategic deception. 

You may even be the one to discover the map to genius mathematician Alan Turing's silver, supposedly buried in or near Bletchley Park. There are more than enough different activities and exhibitions to occupy us for a whole day, from wartime toys to working computers. Have a look inside the ornate Victorian Mansion that was headquarters to intelligence staff during the War.  

Visit into the Colossus and Tunny galleries and museum (National Computing Museum) to see the world's first semi-programmable electronic computer.  

Other areas of Bletchley Park are the Block B museum which tells the complete Bletchley Park story, the Abwehr Enigma machine, Lorenz machine, Bombe Rebuild, Alan Turing statue, World War Two Aviation display, Home Front Exhibition, Toy Collection, Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society, Ox & Bucks Light Infantry at Pegasus Bridge display, and a German Signals Group, the Polish Memorial in the stable yard.

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Bletchley Park Visit

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East Midlands

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