New Members Pathway

Discover a World of Friendship and Fun

Step 1 – Prospective Members Night or New Members Night and Social Evening

A great way to find out more about Spice and how it works, whether you have just joined are still deciding whether to take the plunge. There will be a coordinator on hand to explain in detail the workings of Spice and how we operate, sometimes a small presentation depending on venue and in addition this is a chance for you to also meet new members and for new and existing members to socialise.

Step 2 – Dinner Shuffle

The Dinner shuffles are specially designed to integrate new members and make it easy to get involved. We swap seats between each course giving you more chance to meet more people! Look out for our Santa’s shuffles in December when we add an extra twist to our shuffle!

Step 3 – Ten Pin Pyramid

For the Spice way of ten pin bowling you don’t need to necessarily be a good bowler in fact to be not so good can be a distinct advantage! All will be explained on the night but a fun way to meet some new Spice friends.

Step 4 – Recommended New Members Events

Take the plunge & book a few events. You are welcome to try any event but these are this month’s recommended events for new members:

Ten Pin Pyramid Bowling (either Leeds or Sheffield)

Badminton (Sheffield)

A Ramble (Grade 3 or below recommended for new walkers)

An Adrenaline Event e.g. Abseiling or Caving for the Terrified or any group adrenaline event - the quirkier the better!

A Social Event e.g. Any Quiz Night or our regular Curry Clubs

A Weekend Away: Spice Yorkshire run a host of weekends away from Bunk Barn, Hostel type weekends, with an array of activities to Party Weekends and get to know a smaller group of Spicers over a few days.

Step into Action!

We understand it can be very daunting when you are a new member, or thinking about joining Spice. To help you, we have put together a New Members’ Pathway that guides you through the best route to getting out and about, experiencing new things and making lots of new friends. The most important aspect of your membership is being active and involved, then the easier it becomes. We generally recommend looking out for group activities which can involve meeting a few other members at a time at first. Small group or team activities are ideal for this. This is just a suggested pathway; you are of course welcome to dive into Spice on any event you so choose.

Discover a World of Friendship and Fun

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