Top Ten New Years Years Resolutions

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Top Ten New Years Resolutions - Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Top 10 New Year Resolutions - add some Spice magic to make your dreams come true!

1) Lose Weight - and have fun (yes really!) on a Spice Sports Night, spend a day mountain biking or a walk through the local countryside. Being out and about can help you to eat less and exercise more, which is the basic way to lose weight. Plus you'll be with lots of like-minded people - just like yourself!

2) Get Fit - doing an activity with others rather than going to the gym on your own increases your chances of success with your Spice friends offering friendly encouragement. Enjoy regular Sports Nights such as badminton, basketball, indoor hockey, or walking, mountain biking and dancing.

3) Find a Soul Mate - we're not a singles group - we're much more fun! We believe you're more likely to find a partner in Spice as you'll be meeting like-minded people. Plus you'll have so much fun waiting for that special someone to come along! Since 2004, 14 couples have met and married, 10 Spice babies have been born, and over 100 relationships have been formed - and they're just the ones we know about! Join Spice today - your soul mate may just be an event away.

4) Enjoy Life More - life is for living, so live it! Get out and experience all those things you want to do - sky diving, hovercraft driving, black tie balls, weekends away and holidays of a lifetime. Spice can help you make this year one you'll remember for the rest of your life. What do you have to lose?

5) Debt Reductions - forget about bagging a bargain at the sales and start investing in your life. Memories of life-changing experiences are cheaper than a new wardrobe each season and you'll talk about them long after those outfits have gone to the charity shop! Will that new person in Marketing be interested in your new shoes or the fact that you spent your weekends sailing or pony trekking?

6) Enjoy More Quality Time With Your Friends - why just go to the pub when you could be Walking in the Lake District, Sailing in the Mediterranean, or learning a new skill? If your friends are settling down and playing happy families, make new friends with Spice! You'll meet lots of people with similar interests to yourself and could even make some life-long friends. So, what are you waiting for?

7) Find a Better Job - Spice is a great place for networking, with members from all walks of life. The opportunities are endless - you just need to grasp them. You could learn some great skills on a Spice workshop, or by simply having something to look forward to helps with that all-important work-life balance. Plus, you'll have a fantastic hobbies section on your CV!

8) Learn Something New - with our interactive workshops, designed to be fun as well as informative. You could learn how to make your own chocolates, play polo or how to flirt! You could find a new hobby such as badminton, poker or skiing. Sure beats spending your weekends washing the car!

9) Travel - expand your mind! Classic Spice holidays include Walking the Inca Trail, White Water Rafting down the Grand Canyon, Climbing Kilimanjaro, Exploring China, Cruising the Nile, Skiing in the Alps or spending a night in an Ice Hotel.

10) Be Happy - different things make people happy, with over 100 events every month, Spice really does have something for everyone. Choose from a vast array of events and get involved, chances are, achieving one of the above will go a long way to making you happy. 


How Do I Keep My New Year's Resolution?

1) Make only one resolution - trying to do too much often leads to not achieving anything.

2) Plan ahead - take it one step at a time and you'll soon reach that goal.

3) Avoid previous resolutions - choose a new resolution or approach an old one in a new way.

4) Be specific - once you've agreed your resolution, decide exactly how you are going to achieve it.

5) Set goals - small goals that lead to a larger target can have more effect.

6) Focus on the goals - remind yourself daily why you made the resolution and of the positive effects it will have.

7) Go public - tell your friends what you're doing and how you're progressing. You'll be amazed at their support.

8) Be persistent - keep plugging away even when it gets hard - old habits can be hard to break!

9) Imagine yourself achieving the resolution - a picture in your mind really helps.

10) Be positive - to succeed in anything you need a positive outlook.

For your best New Years resolutions ever, join Spice today and this time next year you'll be looking back on a year filled with happy memories and a social diary brimming over with new contacts!


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