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Joining Spice is a great way to fill your life with new friends and a whole range of fun things to do.
Think of it as Social Networking but with real life friends and real life experiences.

We’re many different things to many different people. Whatever your interests, ability, age and walk of life, we can promise fun, friendship and personal development is at the heart of the Spice. You’ll get to do lots of things you wouldn’t otherwise do and meet lots of people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. You’ll spend your time with positive minded ‘go for it’ people – people just like you!

Most people join Spice because of a recommendation from a friend or colleague and the majority of our members rate joining Spice as one of the best things they have ever done”; many will also tell you that it has “changed their life”!

Plus... Making friends just got even more rewarding!

With our incredible Members' Rewards you could earn the following money-off vouchers starting from your sign up or renewal date:

After 2 months of membership - £5 off a Social Event
After 4 months of membership - £5 off a Walking or Sporting Event
After 6 months of membership - £10 off a Weekend Away
After 8 months of membership - £5 off a Social Event
After 10 months of membership - £5 off a Walking or Sporting Event
After 1 year of membership - 2 x £5 off a Social Event plus £10 off a Weekend Away
On your birthday - £50 off an Escapes holiday

Total Rewards - £100

But the benefits don't stop there...

Every new member will receive a 30 day free trial meaning you can kickstart your social life straight away with local, national and international events. You can attend as many or as few events as you want, paying for them as you book and our friendly hosts will make sure you are introduced to other members at the event.

We know that jumping straight in can sometimes feel a little daunting which is why we offer 'come and meet us' events where you will be welcomed and have any questions answered. You can also call your local group or chat to us using “Live Chat” on the website. Remember, you are not tied in to a contract so are free to leave at any time (although we doubt you will want to).

Come on... join us. Your new friends are waiting!

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Here's Your 30 Day Free Trial

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