7 tried and tested mince pies

The Mince Pie Taste Test

With the festive period upon us we know that every calorie is being felt; to help you with this issue, we took the calorie hit for you so that you can have the best mince pies without having to test them all!

Our festive testers tried 7 mince pies from the main supermarkets and are pleased to present to you our top 3.

Meet our team of testers:

Sue, Steve, Claire and Julie were our fabulous testers who took that calorie hit, just for you… Look at those faces of commitment!

The mince pies tested were:

  1. Waitrose [6 for £1.80; 372 calories]
  2. Tesco [6 for £1; 212 calories]
  3. Aldi [6 for £1.25; 230 calories]
  4. Morrisons [6 for £1; 223 calories]
  5. Co-op [6 for £1; 253 calories]
  6. Asda [6 for £1; 222 calories]
  7. M&S [6 for £1.50; 206 calories]


Our panel worked hard to determine which was to be the best mince pie. They scored the top 3 which were:

  1. Co-op [6 for £1; 253 calories]
  2. Tesco [6 for £1; 212 calories]
  3. Morrisons [6 for £1; 223 calories]

It appears that Waitrose was the overall loser having not won a placing on our taste test, it was the priciest item and had the highest calories.

Our winner was the Co-op; which we can all see looks good but according to our team also tastes good! We hope you enjoy your festive mince pies (home-made or bought)!

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