12 ways to say thank you...

...the Spice way...

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A gift – Could be good if you know what they like but you have postage and wrapping and other things to think of

Money – People normally like money…But how much to give and not look stingy? Sometimes it also means “I can´t think of anything else”.

Phone call – Hearing someone say “Thank you” and really mean it is very valuable. People appreciate it.

A visit – Going “out of your way” to say thank you in person can mean a lot. It costs time, but it can mean a great deal to the recipient. An option too often overlooked…

Text – Works for something small but texting might be seen as a little perfunctory these days.

A card – If well chosen, a card can be a really great way to say “Thank You”. A personal handwritten message is valuable and normally the card is kept somewhere in view, so the reminder of your appreciation is always there.

Amazon voucher – More and more popular. Quick and easy and appreciated. Maybe a little too quick and easy though…

Spice gift card – Unusual with a big WOW factor! Try it and see!

Spice membership for someone you know – The gift that keeps on giving. Say thank you with Spice and the recipient will remember you every time they go on a great event or holiday.

Kiss-a-gram – If you feel like going wild then go for it! Send round the Chippendales..

Champagne and chocolates – boring? Possibly, but people do enjoy champagne and chocolates. Maybe best to combine with the personal visit…

Endorse them on LinkedIn – why not? It’s definitely a way to appreciate someone especially in a business context

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