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Social clubs in Swindon don't get bigger or better than this! If you're looking for a Swindon social club or want to socialise in Swindon, Spice offers an incredible range of events each month. We are the leading social groups Swindon with 1,000 local members and 12,000 members nationwide.

Established in 1981, we have seen other Swindon social clubs come and go. Our wealth of experience can turn your leisure time into pleasure time. If you're looking for something new and exciting to do - join the best social groups Swindon has to offer.

So, if you want to fill your days with fun and friendship, join today! The best social clubs Swindon has just what you're looking for.


So if you've moved to our area, or if your friends are settling down and playing 'happy families' or you need to put some 'oomph' back into your social life, why not join us? To find out what we get up to in an average month (although of course there's no such thing as an average month once you're a member of Spice!) click on our 'EVENTS LIST.' 

  • No more nights of boredom on the sofa - unless you need a rest!
  • Our programme is seasonal and not fixed, keeping the programme fresh and exciting!
  • With a choice of events each month, one thing is for certain - with Spice you'll never be bored again! 
  • We offer you more holidays and weekends than you can shake a stick at! 
  • With over 1,000 local members what better way is there to increase your social life?
  • We're not a singles group - our ethos is based on friendship and having fun! 
  • Be the envy of friends, family and work colleagues when you tell them of your latest exploits!
  • Be in the company of like-minded people!
  • Meet new people and expand your Christmas card list!
  • Keep up to date with your new Spice friends at all times via Facebook!
  • Our weekends and holidays are a sure-fire way of making life-long friends!
  • All photos are of Spice members, on the events, having fun!
  • Have access to 7 other Spice groups nationwide, making us the biggest social club in the UK!
  • "Do things you wouldn't otherwise do, and meet people you wouldn't otherwise meet." Member Quote

Life's too short to miss out on this much fun, so why not be part of it? Join today and this time next year you'll be looking back on a year spent having fun with new friends and a whole heap of happy memories!

Discover a World of Friendship and Fun

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