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Family Fortunes finalists go green!

May 28, 2020

What a close finish we had in the Grand Final of Family Fortunes last Tuesday. After seven weeks of competition it all came down to which team could find the last answer to the question "Name a character that is green". We'd already had some of the obvious ones like Green Giant and Kermit but nobody was guessing the last one. Then with one chance to steal, the No 1s discussed several options. If I'd have been playing I'd have gone with the Green Cross Code Man or maybe Baron Greenback, but the team decided to go with The Statue of Liberty. I thought that was an odd choice as it wasn't originally green but took many years to achieve its current colour.

As it turned out it was the correct answer. It just shows how different people think in different ways. Some people continued to offer suggestions on Facebook varying from Orville the Duck to Greta Thunberg! Well done to everyone that took part in this fun game. We're going to look into the possibility of an extra game after asking questions of 100 Spicers ...

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