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World's First - Segway Polo

Jan 01, 0001


It’s Polo Jim ...but not as we know it!

We know Spice members get up to some whacky things, but it was still a surprise to discover what our member Mark Weller was doing to the game of Polo!

Inspired by the pastimes of Steve Wozniak in Silicone Valley, Mark has brought the sport of Segway Polo to the UK and is hosting our country’s first ever International Tournament for the sport.

"We’ll have a bit of that" we though. The result is two amazing new events. One is the opportunity to watch Polo on Segways and on Ponies then party afterwards with the international players.

The other is a practical event where we get to play Segway Polo with expert instruction.

Both events promise lots of fun, with a young and lively group of enthusiasts.

And with Spice, this sport of kings isn’t just for the rich and famous. Or dare I say .. you don’t need a mint for our kind of polo!

Sun 3rd May! Book online or call the Office.


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