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Spice West Midlands January 19 Feedback

Feb 05, 2019

We love receiving your feedback. Here are some of the comments you made on some of our January 2019 events

 Flight Simulator Experience

  • Yes I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my first virtual flying. Venue was good and there is the nice pub-restaurant serving Italian food next to it. It was a taster experience well worth the money.
  • The event was very good. The accommodation is very modern and comfortable, warm!!, the staff very professional and helpful.I would go again at a similar price. I think we got a good discount on ordinary charges.

RSPB Winter Walk

  • Really enjoyed it, Tove organised us and we had a lovely “old Twitcher” chap with a scope to take us round identifying the birds and finding unusual ones in his scope that you wouldn’t naturally spot with the naked eye or bins.
  • Value for money was good (especially as it was “free” for us using our Xmas voucher- THANK YOU!). We weren’t “introduced” to other members but there were only 6 of us so that didn’t really matter. Yes – we would book again – but in the Summer. The only thing to improve it would be the weather – it was bitterly cold and the wind nearly took you off your feet – but that was beyond your control, obviously.In the Summer, there will be a different selection of birds to see anyway!
  • We really enjoyed walk. Spice rep was welcoming and friendly and RSPB guide was excellent. Looking forward to more walks

 Sikh Gurdwara Visit

  • This event went very well. Incidentally it was the second time I have done it with Spice. Last time was about 5 years ago. The volunteer coordinator introduced folk to each other on arrival. The Sikh guide was a university student who covered quite a lot about the origins of Sikh faith and the functions of the Gurdwara . We were taken on a tour of the building including to the marvellous dome which was glass encased on the inside. We also had food in the main dining room. There was great friendliness shown to us throughout. 
  • As whole it was a highly informative event and I learnt a lot. It was also good to talk to other Spice members over food and compare impressions. This type of event sits well in the Spice programme.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We were there 3 hours .. the young lady who showed us around was wonderful . Answering all our questions.  The whole experience was very memorable .. thank you
  • The visit to the Sikh Gurdwara was fascinating. The young girl that showed us around was  extremely knowledgeable, interesting and very friendly. I learnt so much about the beliefs and culture and felt very inspired. The hospitality shown by everyone at the temple was wonderful.I would suggest that for future visits you stress the importance of Spice members turning off their phones - it was disrespectful and rude when, during the visit, several phones were either ringing or beeping.  More behind the scenes please!
  • Really enjoyed my visit to the Sikh Temple. It was fascinating and inspirational. I would definitely recommend it. Anne was a very good co ordinator. I also really enjoyed my visit to the Synagogue. Diane was also a good co ordinator.

 Create with Clay using a Potters Wheel!

  • Brilliant event - took me back 30 odd years to school pottery lessons! That class was the best fun. Great teacher.,and achieved so much.... Looking forward to seeing them come out of the kiln now! Excellent so good I'm now signed up to a separate course. I rate Kate Pullens pottery teaching very highly and was great fun.Great tutor and would recommend - looking forward to collecting my pots after firing.  
  • I really enjoyed the Pottery class and using the wheel! The tutor was excellent in that she did the hard part of centering the clay on the wheel, and then gave us very clear guidance on how to draw a top into a bowl or pot. We all had repaired two pots by the end, plus a soap dishes and a bowl. It was definitely value for money and I’ll be going back to paint and glaze what I produced at a later date so that she can then fire it in her kiln. Thank you for organising this as it is something I had always wanted to have a go at!

 Graffitti workshop

  • I think it was one of my favourite events so far. Claire was as usual a great host. I would definitely do this one again in the summer when it isn’t so cold! 
  • I very much enjoyed this activity...something different that was fun and allowed you to escape from the stresses of life for a hour or two.The supplier was fab, really friendly and approachable, encouraged everyone.The amount of time we got enabled us to use pens on canvas and well as go outside and actually spray paint on the walls. Would highly recommend x

 Mindfulness Walking Workshop

  • Another great workshop from Wendy. She is confident, encouraging, welcoming and led the group very well.We appeared to encounter weather from all four seasons during the workshop, but that bit was probably beyond Wendy's control...The group size was about right, the location superb. A great opportunity to practice in a group environment - a lot more comfortable than on one's own.Looking forward to the next event in warmer weather !

 Pie Night with Live Music

  • Really good night food was amazing steak kidney pie nearly as good as my Mums. Coordinator was lovely very welcoming. Would deffinatly go again.
  • It was a fun night. The food was fab and the coordinator really friendly.I enjoyed the live band too. 
  • Pie Factory night was great fun and good value for money. The food was tasty and it was fun watching the 4 Spicers try and finish their Cow Pie...4 tried and 3 managed to finish and got their certificates to prove it. Music was ok and although there wasn't a dance floor it didn't stop the Spicers having a bop!
  • Not sure if there was anything that could be done to improve the evening...it is what it is really...and was a good way to spend a Friday night.Hopefully Estellas pictures will make it onto the Facebook pages.
  • Great night at the Pie factory. Estelle did a wonderful job as VC. Greeting us on arrival checking on us throughout the night and leading the way on the dance floor. The food was lovely and the entertainment very good also. It all made for a great night. Will definitely do this event again.

Watercolour Painting Intro Day

  • We had a great day with Julie. She was delightful and the event was well organised. She taught us how to complete 2 paintings. The results were very good. Proud of myself. We all found we were a bit tired by the end of completing the second. May be some water colour instruction and practice and then just one painting to complete would have been enough?! Will be interested in going to another course run by Julie.
  • Feedback on watercolour painting day brilliant excellent day Julie was a good teacher made everyone welcome learnt a lot great fun and I think good value for money as it was a whole day look forward to doing more x

 Spice Dines at Carluccio's in Solihull

  • Yes did enjoy this event. Restaurant was busy but service still pretty good. Food tasty though portion size of main course not huge - probably no bad thing!! Potatoes with the chicken were an optional extra - a bit unusual. Went for the other optional extra - the pudding so certainly wasn't hungry at the end of the meal. No opportunity to mingle before start as we were directed to the table, though this is not unusual in restaurants. Would very probably go again if available
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the meal at Carluccio's on Saturday night.


Micro Brewery Tour and Tasting – Coventry
●Well talk about "a beer oasis in the Coventry desert"!   I was only telling a friend today about how interesting, revealing and informative - as well as a wee bit alcoholic (his!) - my recent visit to the Twisted Barrel micro-brewery was.A bit strange to be trying out the old 'amber nectar' so early in the day for me (particularly on an empty stomach), true, but what a super few hours out this was. Tucked away in a small mini shopping centre that only the locals will probably know about, this unique brewery-cum-bar/pub was an absolute joy to see and experience (and taste!), especially with the talk provided by the ex-accountant owner I've quite forgotten the name of (Andrew?) who told us the inside story of how he and his partner(s) first came to enter the wonderful world of brewing and indeed shared his deep experience of its delightful art - it really was a great educational experience (hands-up who knows where yeast comes from, without asking Mr/Mrs G?).The ales we sampled were all very nice, we each had our favourites of course (I particularly liked the Twisted Barrel IPA), you don't go there to eat to be fair but that didn't spoil our visit one jot.So all-in-all a great half-day out, just the sort of Spice event I enjoy and with no complaints from yours truly whatsoever - you could even park round the corner very easily.

 Aromatherapy Workshop

  • I was extremely pleased with this event and it did live up to my expectations. It was very friendly and sociable and the instructor very informative. I enjoyed it.
  • It was a really nice friendly evening wasn't it? I love the new venue although I appreciate not everyone would find it quite as convenient as me.  Sharon was enthusiastic and we had plenty of time to mix our own concoctions- interestingly I put things together just because I liked the smells but now I've looked through the book and understand what the oils should do, it's surprising how they correlate with how I'm feeling. Hopefully they'll work to revitalise and refresh me.A very interesting evening and my next job is to book some more stuff and use my gift voucher. Thanks team
  • Yes, thanks, I enjoyed the evening. It gave a good, practical insight into the subject, with a great presenter - enthusiastic while also down-to-earth. The book to take away was a definite plus. Not sure if it was an oversight, but the questionnaires were not checked or collected before we proceeded with the practical part of the evening.
  • Overall, the evening was fair value for money and the venue was good. I may consider booking a similar event in the future.

 Singers Hill Synagogue Visit

  • Yes, a very interesting event. Would definitely book on similar behind the scenes events
  • One thing I've wanted to do for a long time was to visit a synagogue so I couldn't believe my 'luck' when this trip came up on the spice list so thanks for making this possible. I really enjoyed it Stephen the host was great ,very hospitable and well informed and knowledgeable and open to discuss even controversial issues. There was plenty of opportunity to ask any questions. I liked The fact he did not criticise other religious beliefs. The tour was interesting on a spiritual level for me as a person of faith and also as I love history there was quite a lot of history of Birmingham imparted plus the architecture of the building which I never even realised was there. So overall for me a great event hard to see how it could be improved.

 Bell Ringing at St Pauls

  • The write up matched the event. In fact the event exceeded the write upfor its freindly and informative instrucytion on what is a suprisingly complex activity. There was a Donation of £10 indicated which was to say the least was excellent value and worthy of more. 
  • The event was good informative with instruction given in a professional but very friendly manner making us feel really at home. All the staff passed on their obvious enthusiasm throughout the evening.
  • The Volunteer coordinator was good introducing other members where appropriate without intruding on the event. Showing calmness and patience throughout. Based on this experience I would Certainly book similar events. I do not feel that there is any room for improvements it was a friendly well run event with good standard of refreshments provided at the interval.
  • It was a really fun, interactive event. Great value for money, with snacks and hot drinks provided.  We learnt how to use hand bells as well as the tower bells. The bell ringing volunteers were welcoming and very knowledgeable. Anne was there to greet everyone, introducing members to each other and collecting the voluntary contributions. On the whole a really interesting and inclusive event and worth booking on to. 
  • Really fantastic event, the bell ringers were great and friendly, they bought snacks and made us feel very welcome. I was fantastic to not only try the big bells but create some music with the hand bells also. Always wanted to give this a go! Thank you!
  • This event was superb! Great team of people, really down-to-earth and fun. Everyone appeared to enjoy it a lot. More events like this please!
  • We had a great evening yesterday and enjoyed it from start to finish. The bell ringers were such lovely people and very passionate about what they do. A great event which I can highly recommend.










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