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Spice West Midlands Feedback April & May 2019

Jun 06, 2019


We love receiving your feedback. Here are some of the comments you made on some of our April & May 2019 events



  • The Funky golf place was well worth a visit, interesting course, live music and a bar. Felt like a more adult like place than other crazy golf places. Would book again.
  • The crazy golf venue was great, the holes were fun and challenging. They have live music on once a month and we were there for that... However it was very loud which meant we couldn't really chat to each other afterwards.
  • Our team had loads of fun, lots of giggles and photo opportunities. I would recommend it as I thought compared to other golfing venues in town it was fun.



  • Loved it. Easy to find and park. Write up spot on. Good value for money. I made 20 beads and awaiting post to arrive. Learned a good selection of techniques. Could work at own pace. I didn't feel rushed but felt like I got a lot done in the time slot.
  • Absolutely loved it – Sarah was a very good and patient teacher and I was amazed at the amount of beads we were able to create in the session. I struggled to get going and get the knack at first but once it clicked I was away and really enjoying it and had a great afternoon with the other two ladies. It’s absolutely value for money – especially as she does a lot of finishing work afterwards and makes your beads up into a necklace for you. That is amazing.I would definitely go back again – yes all the way from Manchester – and would love to do any of her other courses. Also loved the venue – fascinating to see a bit of history with the glass cone and exhibition on site.Thanks very much for putting it on!
  • This was a really good morning. We were made welcome and given drinks. It was better than I expected, as a small group there was plenty of attention. We were given the basics then showed different techniques and encouraged to experiment.I would definitely do it again.



  • I had a lovely time thank you and for me was something so different. Service was a little slow but food and company excellent and Heather did a fine job of being Coordinator, she was just brilliant. Was good value for money and I’d love to go there again.



  • Tour was interesting and well delivered. No problem in hearing commentary and 4 guides!! As a working theatre we nearly didn't get to go on the main house stage as there was a rehearsal in progress, but they did squeeze a quick visit in their tea break!! The food was excellent. I think your website description of the event may have undersold/understated this aspect of the event. You described a "light sandwich lunch". Technically correct, but they describe what we had as a "gourmet sandwich" . So we had a choice of about five gourmet sandwich options served as a wrap, on white or brown bread or as a salad, also accompanied by a choice of fries, salad or soup. And a generous portion of fries it was too!! Also included in the price was a hot drink or soft drink. I think everybody was pleasantly surprised by the quality and quantity of the lunch!!



  • The Easter egg workshop was great, 2 hours went so fast. We made 4 decorated eggs plus truffles to go inside, and just had time to make a lollipop. Very hands on, lots of leftovers to eat whilst doing your eggs. Would definitely book again for perhaps a Xmas workshop.
  • Easter Egg making was a great event. I arrived early and was welcomed with a friendly smile and a cup of tea. The event itself was well worth the money, as we were a small group we got more time to make extra eggs and truffles. We even made a chocolate lolly pop at the end! Friendly people equals a great Spice event...I would recommend to anyone.



  • Really fun night very good value for money. Would defiantly do one again.
  • Yes, thoroughly enjoyed the event and Sue looked after us as always.I have been to a few murder mysteries, and this was by far the best. The acting was so good and they really engaged the audience. The food was also really nice. I would definitely book this event again.
  • Great event. Sue very welcoming.Plenty of parking close to venue. Fun night. Food much better than anticipated.Good value.Would do it again.
  • I had a really good night, it was if you had walked into somebody’s birthday party. The actors made it really realistic by using multi media of videos, documents and their acting skills and getting you to join in. The way the policeman kept releasing more information whilst the actors played there part in the room made it fun.It was a good way to chat with other spice members whilst sharing views on who you think did it and why. Great for teamwork problem solving. Venue is great, parking to hand, full bar and food always a positive. Great way to spend a few hours on a Sat night and value for money.



  • Brilliant event, thoroughly enjoyed it.- amazingly informative throughout, oh and gorgeous puppies, oh and fabulous dogs. Jainn-Ann was a great coordinator. Karen and the other staff at the training centre, were so very generous with their time, and so informative throughout. Would definitely book again. Please pass on thanks to the staff, because they were all brilliant. Also kudos to spice organisers for arranging such a unique event, with unique insight.
  • I really enjoyed this event, very informative, never felt rushed and in fact finished close to 1pm! Lovely to see the dogs in action and also to meet some puppies.The police officers were welcoming and Karen gave us an interesting presentation prior to going out to the kennels to meet the dogs.
  • Yes this was a great event, definitely value for money. It was fun, and unusual. We worked as a team to figure out who was the murderer at a ’surprise 40th Birthday’ Thoroughly enjoyable, and I can now tick this off my bucket list!



  • What a fantastic meal and lovely venue. The little extras were a nice touch - amuse bouche and petit fours. Great mix of people. Gianluca and the rest of the staff were very helpful, courteous and efficient. The food looked wonderful and tasted delicious. Would happily go again and recommend it to others. Worth it!
  • I absolutely loved the meal at the Simpsons. The food was wonderful, Marcia was fab and did a great job. I’d certainly go back there and would recommend it.
  • Simpson's is a lovely restaurant, nice atmosphere, very attentive waitors and great tasting food. It was a nice treat. Would book something similar again, as like to try some of our best restaurants.



  • Lovely afternoon on a narrowboat learning a new skill. We were supplied with all the materials and tools required to make our own creations and Lisa was very helpful and informative. The delicious cake and cups of tea were a treat too. Really enjoyed myself and managed to create something quite nice after initially not believing it could be achieved! Enjoyed myself so much I have booked on another workshop in June to try silk painting.



  • The Cannes break was fantastic. I loved it. Write up was clear and the event matched what we signed up for.Richard was great. He managed the group really well and was very attentive and helpful. I would definitely book again on a similar break. I met some really fab people.Given how expensive that part of France is generally, I think we definitely got value for money. The hotel was very good. Thank you so much for creating a very memorable and enjoyable few days. Could only be improved by adding another day maybe.
  • I really enjoyed the Cannes holiday, and the activities that were included. I thought that Richard the coordinator was really friendly, helpful and welcoming. I thought that the holiday was good value for money and I would definitely book this type of holiday again.
  • I hope my answer satisfies the feedback.........all i can say is everything for me was just perfect, fab and amazing!!! No moans from me so happy I went!
  • I really enjoyed the trip and the hotel we stayed in was excellent - good facilities, good location , brilliant breakfast - great choice. Richard was a fabulous host and tried his best to help people whenever he could. I especially appreciated him contacting me the evening before as I didn't know anyone going - soon got to know people after 6 hours on the train!



  • Cookery course was excellent. Food was amazing and Monica was a very good teacher. Would deffinatly go again.
  • I would highly recommend this trip, monica and her assistant, andy, were really welcoming and very informative. They allowed us all to take part in making a meal and showed us some brilliant tips. I would definitely go again and pass the word around.
  • Really enjoyed the Indian masterclass. Monica made everyone feel welcome and got us all to take part in creating the meal from scratch in her large well equipped kitchen. We made 4 dishes and Monica gave us lots of tips along the way eg a quick and easy way to peel garlic. The evening ended with us all sitting down and eating our completed meal which was delicious and certainly restaurant. standard if not better. The event was good value, there was ample food to eat, along with a complimentary glass of wine and I have the recipes so that I can try and recreate the meal myself. Would definitely book another masterclass.



  • Yesterday afternoon was great. The entertainment was very good as was the food etc.Sue was her usual, bubbly, self and was fantastic, interacting with everyone and made the group very welcome and included.
  • I was so pleased with this event, the room was beautiful, the food was excellent, the music was much better than I anticipated and the host was excellent, so friendly and kind.I would definitely go again, in fact some friends have asked me to look at booking again in August, when there will be another one.
  • Enjoyed a delicious afternoon cream tea and excellent entertainment at a lovely venue which was also very good value. Sue made everyone very welcome as she usually does. Would do it again.



  • I enjoyed this event, The Glee Club provided an excellent evening's food and entertainment.My GF food was really nice, drinks were reasonably priced too. Dave as co-ordinator checked a few times that everyone was alright with their food & if they were enjoying themselves. The event matched the description well. Perhaps next time there could be a wider choice of food for us to choose from as there was only 11 of us & there was a lot of choice on the menu. I would definitely go again
  • Spice Just to say this was a great evening, co-ordinator very welcoming, food was fine and comedy acts all good. Will book again.
  • The comedy club was good and food was good. I escorted our party in ok and everyone was on time. The only slight complaint people gave us was the meal before show and everyone had not finished before show started and they turned lights of of when the comedian's came on some some had to eat in the dark. It was fair value for money. And it was good that they told us when the comedians were coming on and not to heckle or walk out while they were on. I thought Comedy at The Glee Club was one of the best so far. Raymond and Mr Timpkins Revue were hilarious, and Daisy Earl was great too. The food was lovely, but then the lights were turned down after serving and replaced by flashing lights, which made it difficult to see what you were eating, but it seemed to add to the fun. Dave and Julia made sure that everyone was all right and were enjoying themselves. Great bunch of Spicers as well.I would definitely book this event again.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed event - I have been before. Please can you put this event on a regular basis please. Coordinator was friendly.



  • Had a good day Sunday at Spa. Company was great and everyone got on well. Really enjoyed my facial and staff were all friendly and helpful. Food was lovely couldn't fault it.
  • Great day! Lovely buffet lunch with tea and coffee included and the option of a 20% discount on any drinks purchased from the bar throughout the day. Definitely good value for money. The volunteer co-ordinator made everyone feel welcome and ensured they felt included in the group.Looking forward to booking another spa day in the future!



  • I thought it was a great night, the tribute act was excellent, very professional with an excellent stage presence. The meal was great too. We all danced all night, so yes loved it. Sue was a fabulous VC, welcoming us and introducing us to each other. Wonderful night thank you Spice.
  • This event was fantastic!! The show was fabulous as was the food. Definitely value for money.The co-ordinator (Sue) was great as well. Made everyone in the Spice party at ease. Prior to this I had already booked the next two (Rod Stewart and Frankie Valli) so am really looking forward to them both now.
  • The tribute act was excellent and very professional. The DJ was very good in that the music volume was kept low while we were eating, so we were able to talk. Sue kept us all together so anyone attending on their own would have felt very at ease. Please put on more Saturday evening events.



  • The event was a lot of fun! The company that did the event is very good , their staff were knowledgeable, patient and safety was their primary concern.
  • This was great fun and would recommend it!
  • We had the best morning driving the tanks! The description definitely met my expectation and our group of 3 had a great time. We didn’t get to meet the other Spice members because as soon as 3 members had arrived, we were kitted out and whisked off on the adventure – the staff were welcoming and friendly though and made you feel instantly at ease. I would definitely do this type of event again and would have signed up for the tank paintball if I wasn’t already doing something the same day. Still buzzing as I can honestly say I never thought I’d get the opportunity to drive a tank (who knew they didn’t have a steering wheel?!) let alone reverse park one – blind - at the end of the circuit! The tank exhibition was bigger than we were expecting too – they have certainly crammed a lot into a small space.Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have fun on a Sunday morning!



  • Event was brilliant, relaxed and good for a laugh (mean that in a good way, as nature of beast lends itself to laughter between new and old spice friends). Mark (Spice) was a natural host, which was no surprise given have met him at other events. Expert (Botonist - apologies to him, already forgotten his name) was excellent too. Knowing that the Botonist have new menus (and therefore new cocktails to make), I would be interested in a repeat or similar event.
  • This was one of the best Spice events that I’ve been to - maybe it was the alcohol:). The cocktail making was great fun as were the other Spice guests, I met some lovely people.
  • It was a brilliant event and I’d go again.
  • It was really good. The young man who taught how to make the cocktails was excellent very good knowledge, I learnt a lot. The cocktails were all delicious and we all had great fun making them. Would defiantly do it again.
  • As you'll have seen from the photos Mark provided, we had a terrific time! George (the bar tender) had us making three different cocktails and we were all decidedly giggly when we'd finished. The event lasted over 2 hours and was great value for money. I'd booked a table afterwards so that we could eat and soak up the alcohol! Great company and a great event so will definitely book again if you run any further events here.



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