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Spice West Midlands February 19 Feedback

Mar 01, 2019

We love receiving your feedback. Here are some of the comments you made on some of our February 2019 events


  • I personally thought that the event was excellent value and very relaxing. We had a wonderful lunch and great discounted treatments. Plus a small bag of complimentary lotions.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Pamper Day at the Abbey Hotel. The facilities were excellent and the picnic lunch was very generous. We were even given a 'goody bag' full of Elemis products to take away! I enjoyed the day so much that I'm going to sign up for their gym membership! More of these events, please, especially if they're south of the City!
  • It was brilliant! We had food coming out of our ears and a freebie bag of Elemis goodies!


  • The event was fabulous really good value for money very friendly safe and professional really enjoyed the day and whether was great also the ride over the back fields the only thing which could have been better would be if we could of cantered over the fields instead of walking all the way round.


  • The event was good. The organisation by Spice was very good, Denise was an excellent coordinator, very welcoming and organised. The group were all friendly and chatty.The food was good and described well. It was well served and hot. I would not go to a murder mystery there again but I will be going to lots more spice events.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this event, it was well organised. It was nice that the characters came and had a chat whilst you were eating. I’m gluten and dairy free and was very impressed by the food. Denise was great. I thought the event was value for money.


  • The Enamelling for Beginners class was excellent. Teresa was a patient tutor who managed to spread herself amongst the five of us so that we all were able to complete each of the stages of the enamelling. The class size was just right, more people would have made it difficult to get as much of Teresa’s time as we needed. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would be very happy to recommend it to others.


  • The whole event was good, but then I went last year!The Rod tribute was very good and worked hard. The coordinator was good. The act might be good at a Spice event?
  • It was a very good night. The entertainment Rod Stewart Tribute was excellent. The food good as always.


  • I thought this was a fun evening and really enjoyed it. Being a fairly small group that meant that you got to speak to pretty much everyone and it felt more like a group of friends out for the evening, rather than an 'event' - which is a good thing!
  • The pizza event was good fun, and I would do a similar event again


  • Just wanted to say I had an amazing night and I am still recovering!! My feet are aching from dancing so much and my voice a little sore from all the singing. 
  • Felt a little apprehensive before I went as I only knew a couple of people but that soon passed. Met some lovely people, the food was wonderful and I had a fabulous evening. At one point everyone was up dancing which was great to see. I thought it was great value for money and would definitely book again Thank you
  • An enjoyable evening thank you. Yes the volunteer coordinator made me feel welcome. I particularly enjoyed the music and friendliness of everybody.
  • Great event Steve lots of fun. Thanks for organising it x●It was a great event, totally matched the write up. It was good to see old familiar faces and meet some new ones too. The only thing that was not so good is how much food went to waste there was tonnes of it. 


  • Thank you, yes my friend and I really enjoyed the urban axe throwing. Great fun, definitely would do again.
  • I loved this event, the group and spice coordinator was fab. Venue and Jordan the instructor was so good too. I like anything a bit out the ordinary and this was. Once you get over this feels naughty to throw axes we all very much improved.A great day thank you.


  • Really enjoyed the trip to Hagley Hall. Lord Cobham made the event extra special as he gave the back stories to so many of his relatives. His delivery was very entertaining. Even though he was Viscount, he was very approachable and happy to answer questions at the end. Choice of an assortment of teas and coffee and cakes (carrot cake, Victoria sandwich or scones.) Able to offer gluten free scones or Victoria sandwich. I ordered tea cakes and four hot buttered halves arrived. I made sure they weren’t wasted! Plenty of jam and cream to go on scones. The housekeeper did her best to make sure that everyone was satisfied. 
  • Overall I thought it was really interesting experience to be shown around a stately home by the owner, and to see a lived in house rather than one run by National trust. So i enjoyed the event.


  • The tour was excellent value for money. Simon was thoroughly entertaining and very welcoming; the Spice description was spot on. 
  • Really enjoyed my Whistle Tour, Simon is extremely entertaining, who’d have thought a small business like that would still be going well after 150yrs and exporting all over the world! I would advise that if you repeat this event you emphasis that if you drive, allow plenty of time to find a parking space, would highly recommend this event.
  • What a wonderful talk and tour from Simon Topman. I have been the proud owner of an Acme Thunderer whistle for almost 40 years so I knew I would love this event! Great to see where and how my whistle was crafted. The history of the company was fascinating and how heartwarming to see such a successful UK company exporting all over the world after nearly 150 years in business. Thank you to Jainn-Ann for being a great coordinator and it was lovely to see Maggie who brought along a very special whistle to show everyone. 
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Whistle Factory Tour. Simon Topman was knowledgable and extremely entertaining, conducting us on a tour that was both informative and, at times highly amusing!! The event lived up to it's description and was good value for money, not only was the tour good (see above) but we had access to tea and coffee and a selection of cakes and biscuits before the tour started.Our co-ordinator did a good job and I would be more than happy to do this kind of event again.


  • The event at Tutbury castle was very good. This is the third I've been to and Lesley does not disappoint. She is so knowledgeable, talented, funny and welcoming, making sure we were entertained and warm enough, leaving time for any questions. We were greeted warmly by the spice host who made sure we all knew someone and what was happening during the evening. The buffet was great, there was plenty of food, some went back for more. Perhaps some lighter options would have been nice, it was very heavily pastry based.
  • It was a great evening and my guests enjoyed it too. Food was good, Spice members friendly and Lesley is an excellent speaker.
  • Really enjoyed evening. Got there a bit early and the gates were closed so not sure where to go at first (thought they were locked!) Very funny talk and a great idea for a Spice event!
  • Absolutely loved this event. Great value for money, beautiful surroundings and the historian Leslie Smith was hysterically funny as well as educational. Please put another one of her brilliant talks on!



















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