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Nov 05, 2018

We thought you might like to have a peep behind the scenes to meet our lovely members and get a feel for who you will be meeting at the socials. First up is our fabulous host Helen...

 Helen Jessop 

How long have you been in Spice?  I have lost count of the number of years!  Definitely over 10.  Time flies when you’re having fun! 

Why did you join Spice?  It's provides a great opportunity to 'get out more', to challenge yourself to do some adventurous or unusual pursuits, and to meet new and interesting people.  Some of my closest friends now were complete strangers to me 6-10 years ago when I first met them on Spice events, and I’ve

What has been your favourite event so far?  Definitely Early Morning at Dudley Zoo, which I’ve done around 10 times now and it’s just as enjoyable each time. Not only did we get to meet and feed several different species first hand but we learnt a little about the history of the zoo; and the full English breakfast at the end of the event is an added bonus!  Segway polo was also fantastic fun.

What has been your most challenging event so far?   I ticked cliff camping off my bucket list a couple of years ago.  Sleeping on a small platform tethered to the side of a cliff in Anglesey with the waves splashing below me and only a sleeping bag as protection from the elements, having climbed up/abseiled down the cliff during the day.  The challenge was more in trying to get some sleep whilst the wind whistled past and rocked the platform, and wondering what I was going to do if I needed a wee in the night!

What has been your funniest memory in Spice?  There are way too many to have a single one!  Watching an ill-fated tug-o-war where the rope snapped mid-tug; straddling a 15 foot long giant inflatable sausage and the ensuing attempts with my fellow team mates to bounce it to the finish line in a race against my husband’s team (not that we are at all competitive!!); a 300 person water pistol fight as part of ‘school’ sports day, or the end result of my unintentionally comedic attempt at pizza making! (Note to others – remember to flour your bottom! lol)

Have you been on a Spice UK Holiday, what were your experiences?  My only foreign trip so far has been a long weekend in Berlin, which had a great balance of fun, information, activity and relaxation.  It’s nice to know you can just turn up and not have to do much planning in order to get the best bits from your trip, as it’s all been arranged for you.

What would be your advice for new members?  Get out there and start making your life more interesting! There are some great, easy, social events to get you started, like 10 pin bowling or a dinner shuffle where you get to sit with different people after each course, then plenty more to choose from once you've found your feet. Your event coordinator will make you feel at ease and show you the ropes, so just let them know you're new to Spice and you’ll get some extra TLC.

What is your greatest extravagance?  Holidays!  I love to get about and see the world. 

What is your fantasy job?  An events organiser.  I love arranging events, either behind the scenes or at the event. That's one of the reasons I'm a volunteer coordinator for Spice! 





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