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Zorbing: What the heck is Zorbing?

Jun 01, 2017

What The Heck Is Zorbing?


Hello there Spicers and welcome to another wonderful edition of ‘what’s that sport’. At Spice, we encourage our members to get active by giving them the chance to try out lots of different sports and activities that they usually wouldn’t touch, and we’ve had plenty of converts! One of the most popular activities we run on a regular basis is Zorbing – which is essentially sticking your head inside a giant inflatable ball and playing human football. But we get asked a lot by new members what this thing is and how on earth it came to be, so we thought we would elaborate!


What Is Zorbing?

‘Zorbing’ (otherwise known as globe-riding or orbing) is when you roll down a hill fully encased in a giant rob, made of plastic. Usually this is one on a gentle slope, but since its popularity began to increase it’s often done on a level surface. This means that you have more control over the orb, making for a more interesting ride. Some facilities even have inflatable, wooden or metal ramps that can be moved and changed to suit your preferences. If you’re not feeling up to trying it on your own, you can opt for a non-harnessed sphere, which can carry up to 3 people as you careen down the slopes.


Over the years, there have been a lot of variations on Zorbing. Assault courses have been devised, water Zorbing was tested and launched, and ‘human football’ was discovered. This is a personal favourite of mine – instead of being totally encased in a Zorb ball, only your upper body is, leaving your waist and legs free. Then you get into teams and run around a field bashing into each other. What’s not to love?

 Zorbing pair

Does It Have Any Benefits?

The main benefit of having a go at Zorbing is that it is ridiculously fun! You will spend the whole session giggling so much your sides hurt, all while running around and bouncing off things like a mad person. Sounds like an average Friday night to me. In all seriousness, amusement is high up on the list, as it’s definitely not a sport that you could do 3 times a week to get fit! It is a great way to get outside and get some exercise, bond with friends and create some fantastic memories though. It’s also a good way for those with extreme hay fever to get outside without their eyes and nose streaming, as you are largely sealed in a big bubble.


Extreme Zorbing

Of course, if you wanted to take your Zorbing addiction to the next level, you could try extreme Zorbing. This isn’t something we run or even advocate at Spice, as it usually involved doing highly dangerous things with a Zorb ball on your head. Some of the more recent viral examples of extreme Zorbing are these brave matadors playing knockerball soccer rodeo, water Zorbing in the Thames and these people re-enacting Indiana Jones and the famous boulder-run scene.  Again, we don’t advocate doing these things yourself – watching people perform these daft things from the safety of YouTube is definitely the way forward!

 water zorbing

Because it’s such a popular activity, we often run Zorbing events, as well as include them in our adventure club rosters. To find out more about Zorbing with Spice, or to book onto the next session, get in touch with me today. And until next time, happy adventuring!


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