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Social Group: The Benefits Of Joining in

Apr 01, 2017

Ok, so we make so secret of the fact that we are an amazing social club for adventure loving people. But for a lot of people who aren’t converted Spice lovers, it can be tough to understand why we do what we do, and why our members love it so much. They often ask themselves (so I’m told) what benefits there are to joining a social club, and why might it be the right thing for you?


Meeting New People


We see a lot of members joining up when they are going through periods of great change in their lives, whether that’s getting divorced or moving into a new area, when finding new people is an important thing. Social events are relaxed and friendly, giving you the chance to chat to a lot of people and make some new friends that you might not have met otherwise. Social clubs have a considerable number of members, so the odds are that you find someone to hit it off with are quite high! They might also invite you to join activities outside of the group, giving you the chance to meet even more people. 


Try Something New


Without sounding too much like a Sainsbury’s advert, being a member of social club like ours gives you the chance to try new and exciting things on an almost daily basis, if you would like to. At Spice we are constantly updating our events calendar with new events – in fact, we are hosting 77 different events in May in our region alone, on top of our holidays and extra special annual parties. Events in a social club can range from trying a new sport, going to a new place in the word to learning a new skill, so you have the opportunity to try new and exciting things with a group of supportive friends.


Health Benefits


Research has shown that people who engage in activities with other people on a regular basis tend to be in better physical and mental health. That’s not necessarily because they are doing very active things that keep them in good physical condition (though that does help!) but because they have the motivation to be active as a team. Not only that, but the mental health benefits of socialising regularly, going outside and taking part in activities are huge. Social clubs have been proven to stave off loneliness and depression in older members while providing an antidote to anxiety and tonic for overall mental health for younger members.




Of course, it wouldn’t be right to leave out the cost benefits. If you are looking to try out new things, doing them on your own can be a pricy endeavour – especially if there is equipment involved. But when you do these activities with a social club, they tend to get a group discount and pass the savings on to you. This means you get to see new places and try new things for a fraction of what it would have cost you as an individual.


Social clubs are still an important part of modern life, and a great way to be introduced to new things and step outside your comfort zone. This is even more true if you have a busy or hectic lifestyle, and don’t always have time to plan all of these things yourself.  A social club like Spice can help you let off some steam during a stressful working weak, broaden your horizons and make some new friends. Want to know more? Come along to one of our events and see the benefits of a social club up close. Just get in touch with us today


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