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Ski Boots: Choosing the ones that are right for you

Sep 21, 2018

Ski Boots: Choosing one’s that are right for you

Before reading this article it may be worth reading our piece ‘Ski Gear: To Buy or Hire’.

The first question to ask yourself is what ski ability are you and what kind of skiing do you want to do? If you’re a lower intermediate and wanting to enjoy the fresh air and mountains without venturing on to the more challenging runs you may decide that comfort is more important than control. If however you love a challenge want to do all the black runs, go off-piste and find every mogul in the resort then control may become more of an important element; saying that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that more ‘advanced’ ski boots need to be uncomfortable if fitted properly.

Ski Boots: The control - Rigidity/ Stiffness

Ski boots have numbers associated with them (and not just in terms of shoe size); these numbers define the rigidity/ stiffness of the boot which is associated with the amount of control you can get from it. The lower the number, the more flexible the boot; the higher the number, the more rigid/ inflexible the boot (giving more control). Comfort boots can start at around 70 but the minimum stiffness we would recommend is 80; ‘Comfort boots’ are better suited to beginners/ lower intermediates as the slower speed turns found at lower intermediate level do not require the same level of control as higher speeds/ sharper turns required on more challenging slopes. As your skills develop, stiffer boots are recommended to give the control required for the more challenging runs. Those who enjoy black mogul fields for example should look to boots with a stiffness of around 110 upwards.

A good boot fitter

A good boot fitter will ask you the relevant questions to find the right boot for you. They will then start the measuring process and ask you to stand in skiing positions. If you have a specific budget that they should be respectful of, please let them know as they will measure and find the right boot for you within your budget. Don’t be afraid of asking about last seasons boots if having the latest and greatest isn’t a priority for you. They will generally have last years stock at a reduced price.

A good boot fitter may spend a few hours with you and you will likely have to hold your skiing pose for 20 minutes whilst boots are fitted exactly to you. Inserts and boot liners can be used to gain extra control and to find the perfect fit. We recommend that you book your appointment in advance as a good boot fitter will be booked up especially in the run-up to ski season.


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