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Personal Networking: The Benefits Of Personal Networking

Sep 01, 2017

Is networking something you do naturally? To many people, it’s considered a waste of time, or something that’s only relevant to business owners. And when you’re networking in a business setting, that’s true. But think for a second – the ultimate aim of business networking is to create and cultivate relationships with other people. OK so the ultimate aim might be to get business, but you create real friendships along the way. And as we always say, it’s all about who you know. So this month, I want to talk a bit about why Spice is your perfect personal networking tool.


What Is Personal Networking?


Personal networking can take 2 forms. The first is that you are an individual who is looking to meet new people, make connections and build up a social circle in a new area. But where do you start? Particularly in smaller villages or rural areas, finding things to do with other people can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know anyone. The second approach is that you are an individual who just happens to be a business owner. Here, personal networking helps you get to know the local community, widen your circle of business acquaintances, meet other business owners and generate some great referrals for the other business owners you know. Either way, making friends and letting people get to know you on a personal level is an essential aspect of success in both business and life.


Why Should You Network Socially?


Networking socially, otherwise known as socialising or social networking (see what I did there?) can have a lot of positive benefits for you physical and mental health. For one, people who socialise frequently are less likely to contract colds and other viruses, and show significantly better mental health and brain function as they age. Beyond that, personal networking can broaden your horizons and generally make you a more well-rounded human being. For example, effective personal networking can:


  • Provide opportunities for you to be of service to others
  • Build and sustain relationships
  • Help to maintain a good reputation in your community
  • Expand your horizons
  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Expand your social circle
  • Enable you to reach your goals


And of course,


  • Be the single best business marketing tool you have


If you’re a business owner, letting people get to know the real you is the best way to create an external sales team who will rave about you – because they genuinely like you and what you do. Relationships are the key to personal and business success, and the thing that has kept humanity going for centuries. And at Spice we have no intention of letting that all that potential go to waste.


So if you’re looking to inject some personal networking into your life, Spice is the perfect group for you. With over 1,000 members in Berkshire and Hampshire alone, there are plenty of eager members who can’t wait to be part of your circle of friends. Spice has helped individuals across the country try new experiences, meet new people and enjoy adventure in their lives for years, and we would love to help you too. To find out more, check out our events page or get in touch with us today.


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