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Make This Summer The Best Summer Yet!

Jul 01, 2017

Make This Summer The Best Summer Yet!

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Let’s kick this post off with a question – have you planned your summer holidays yet?


A lot of people think summer holidays are just for kids, or those with kids of school age, but that’s absolutely not true. For those who don’t like to travel outside the UK, or can’t manage it, the summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the English summer in all its glory. If you’re planning on spending your summer either doing nothing, or doing the same thing you’ve done a dozen times before, we challenge you to do something a little different. And just in case you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a sort of mini-guide to help you get the most out of your summer.


Plan It Out


The most uneventful holidays happen because no one planned out what was going to happen. There are very few people who can just hop in a car and have an adventure without any clue of where they are headed – most of us need some idea of what we are doing. So before your holiday starts, spend some time working out a plan. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed just a general, physical idea of how your holiday is going to go. Set down your dates, your desired locations and any activities you would like to do while you’re there. Just remember to leave some wiggle room for unexpected finds or changes of heart. You will find when holiday time comes, having even a vague plan in place means you will actually leave the house, do things and make the most of the summer, instead of sitting on the couch watching the sun slip away.


Have New Experiences


Don’t just settle for the same old holiday you’ve done before – that’s just boring. Every summer should be spent having new experiences, seeking out new favourite things to do and enjoying every second of it. Believe it or not, there are plenty of new things you can do in the UK this summer – for example:


  • Visit London. You would be amazed the number of British citizens who have never been to our fair capital. If that’s you – get yourself on a train and experience all of the tourist attractions, the atmosphere, the food and the shopping London has to offer. You can visit Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, learn about our torturous roots at the Tower of London or watch London disappear from atop the London Eye.


  • See Stonehenge. This beautiful historic monument is a source of great mystery to us even today. Seeing the stones up close really is a breath taking experience, and being nestled in the quiet countryside means you can take in the fresh air and enjoy the local area at your leisure.


  • Get Outdoors. No matter where you are, there are dozens of activities around you that can get you outside and enjoying the great outdoors this summer. From activity holidays mountain biking to swinging from the treetops in true Go Ape fashion, a cursory Google will reveal all the things around you – or your chosen holiday area – that you can do to get outdoors.


  • Go West. If you’re from the South, North or East, take the chance to try something new and go west. There are loads of amazing things to do in the west country, including caving at Wookey Hole, trekking through Cheddar Gorge or visiting some spectacular attractions like Longleat or the historic Roman Baths.



Mix Family, Solo and Friends


During your precious time away from work, it’s a great idea to reconnect with the people who matter to you the most. It’s also important to spend some time with yourself, doing what you love and relaxing. The best summers are often a mix of times spend laughing with friends, loving with family and quietly contented with yourself. So while you might need to spend certain times doing certain things, make sure you carve out some time for these people and yourself. We guarantee you’ll be feeling more relaxed and happy by the end of it!


And if you really can’t think of anything to do with your annual 2 weeks off, have a look at social events companies like Thames Valley Spice. All of our events are open to the public as well as our members, giving you the chance to tag along on some fantastic adventures including microlight flying, Segway riding, rifle shooting, walking weekends, barbeques, dancing and water-skiing. And that’s just what’s on this month! So if you’d like to join us on an adventure this summer, just take a look at our events calendar to see what’s on, and then get in touch to book. And whatever you do, make sure that this summer is your best yet!


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