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Get Lost In The Forest

Feb 01, 2017

It’s a lot of people’s worst nightmare – getting lost out in the woods – but at Spice we see it as a fun challenge! That’s why in March we will be holding an overnight forest experience in Symonds Yat, where we will beat our way through the underbrush of the forest, explore dark cave networks and toast marshmallows under the stars. And, of course, to explore our adventurous side. 


What Will We Be Doing?


Unlike some of our other hiking activities, this forest adventure will be starting at 8pm for a moonlit expedition. The evening starts with a bracing hike up to the woods, with our expert guide going us some tips and tuition on how to navigate the forest. From there we will make our way through the woods, ignoring the well-trodden paths and instead forcing our way through the underbrush into the less explored areas of the forest. Personally, I’m hoping it’s going to be one of those clear, moonlit nights for a magical (if slightly eerie) feel, when the creatures of the woods come out to play. Because we won’t be following the traditional paths, we can even play at being Special Forces out on manoeuvres, making our way through enemy terrain. If our compass work serves us well we should arrive at a cave system at about 1am, which will be our accommodation for the night. We can explore the darkness of the cave network, light a fire to lift our spirits or just lie out under the stars and enjoy the sounds and rhythms of the forest. In the morning, we will plan our route back, making sure we stop at a woodland café for breakfast on the way!       


One of our members left us some fantastic feedback from last year’s overnight forest adventure: This event is awesome. If there is even an inkling in the adventurous side of you to do something like this, then definitely do it! It was fun and exciting in just the right proportions and I felt a great sense of achievement afterwards.’ So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth, an adventurous dive into the unknown of the forest with like-minded people that’s not to be missed!


Some Forest-Going Tips


As with all of our outdoor adventures, you will need to do a bit of pre-planning for what you want to bring. This is an overnight event, but we will be trekking a fair way and putting some miles under our belt, so you may want to consider packing light. Comfortable walking shoes are a must, along with supplies for both hot and rainy weather. You never know what the heavens will throw at us! You’ll need to bring a good sleeping bag and mat with you as well, as there are no beds in our subterranean hotel! I would also recommend bringing some walking poles if you need the support on long treks – as they will prove useful to secure your footing and to bash branches out of the way.


This once in a lifetime Spice adventure does have a numbers limit for safety, so we can only take 10 people for every 1 instructor we have. It’ll be a long but magical evening of getting lost in the woods, navigating our own path and spending the night in some truly stunning cave structures, so you don’t want to miss this one! You can book your place for our overnight forest experience on the 18th of March on our online booking page. At just £55 per person, it’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up. 


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