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Do The Christmas Party Shuffle

Dec 05, 2016

It’s December, which means we can get our Santa hats on and start waving jingle bells like it’s going out of fashion! It’s also the time of year that people come together to meet, chat, laugh, rekindle old friendships and make new ones. In the spirit of Christmas, Thames Valley Spice is organising a variety of evenings that will help you meet new people and hopefully strike up some festive friendships. These are dinner parties with a difference, where everyone will get a chance to meet everyone else in the dinner party shuffle.

How It Works

Our dinner party shuffle events have always been popular, but always more so at Christmas. The idea is really simple – everyone sits down and eats 1 course of the meal, getting a chance to chat to the people next to them or on their table. At the end of the course, everyone gets up and moves to their designated ‘second course’ seat, and starts all over again. You never stay in the same place for 2 courses and won’t find yourselves with the same group of people each time, giving you a chance to get to know everyone in the room in a relaxed and fun way!

Why We Love The Dinner Party Shuffle

Dinner party shuffles have been around for a while, but unless you were in a Round Table you’ve probably never heard of them. The beauty of the format is that guests don’t get stuck in the same group all night and actually get a chance to meet lots of people and socialise. If you find a conversation particularly exhilarating, you can carry it on after the meal, when the DJ kicks off and the more informal party starts. It also means that if you do end up sat with someone you don’t gel with (let’s face it, we can’t get along with everybody), you won’t be stuck with them all night – just until the next course! Dinner party shuffles are a fantastic way for large groups of people to get to know each other and for guests and new members to feel included and meet the group in stages, instead of facing one big group. We hold dinner party shuffles throughout the year, so if you can’t make our Christmas event, there are plenty more opportunities to try it out!

A Little Something…

Come on people, it’s Christmas, so we couldn’t let you have a party without including a Secret Santa! This year’s Christmas dinner party shuffle events will each have their own Secret Santa, but not quite like you know it. You can’t exactly pull a name out of a hat and buy a present for someone you don’t know, so we switched it up. Instead, we ask each of our dinner party shuffle guests to bring a gift, suitable for either a man or a woman, to the party. All gifts should be wrapped, or at least put into one of those brilliant gift bags if your wrapping skills are a bit lacking! At the end of the evening, everyone gets to pick out a random gift to take home. If that’s not Christmassy, I don’t know what is!

So if you fancy getting to know some of the Thames Valley Spice members a bit better, or meeting lots of new faces over some fabulous food and dad-worthy dancing, we’d love you to come along! Our Christmas dinner shuffles are at Cotes Brasserie in Reading on 16th December and Browns Brasserie in Oxford on 17th December and you can book on here (Reading) or here (Oxford) . Or if it’s not your scene, why not try another of our Christmas themed events and activities


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