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Ceroc Dancing ? What & Why?

Dec 12, 2016

If you’re a member (or maybe even if you’re not), you might have noticed a few events cropping up for Ceroc dancing in Reading. Since I’ve had a few people ask me what on earth it is and if it has anything to do with crocodiles (interesting misreading there, sounds very exciting!) I thought I should explain a bit about what it is and why we love it so much.


What Is Ceroc Dancing?

Ceroc is an abbreviation of the French phrase c’est Rock, and believe me rock it does! Ceroc has been going for about 30 years around the world, and aims to teach dance in its general form to help participants express themselves in their own unique way. So in a single class you could learn salsa, ballroom, Latin American, street dance, hip-hop, musical theatre, tango and jive, all to help you create the perfect dance for you. Just check out this video of a Ceroc promotional dance at the Redditch shopping mall, featuring class members of all abilities dancing in the way they love. No two dances are the same, but everyone is getting involved and having fun.    

Ceroc dancing is hands down the fastest growing dance phenomenon in the country. Like Zumba before it, Ceroc is a fusion dancing style that aims to make dancing a fun and social event that everyone can enjoy. Think jive mixed with salsa, done to a mix of music from 40’s swing up to current chart hits. Every song is different and each person brings their own vibe to the dance, so you’ll never feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again! It’s been described by some of our members as:

 ‘The best £7 you will ever spend, and you’ll have a permanent happy face while dancing. Warning though, it is very addictive and may take over your life, in a good way!’

Ceroc Dancing

What’s So Good About It? 

It’s all about you, your style and how you want to express it. Everyone has a very different personality, and Ceroc helps you embrace that and show it off in a unique and beautiful way. So if you can’t stand traditional ballroom dancing, maybe some hip-hop salsa fusion is the perfect mix for you. Through Ceroc you can have fun, meet new people and learn to dance to your own beat – without straying into the dreaded ‘dad dancing’! Instead, show off your moves wherever you go in confidence. 

Ceroc is suitable for any skill level, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional dancer or if you’ve never set foot on a dance floor in your life, Ceroc will have you up and having fun in no time. Our Ceroc dance evenings tend to split into 3 sections – beginners, intermediate and freestyle. So you get to learn the basic moves in the beginners section, slot them together into a routine for the intermediate bit and then let your hair down in the freestyle section. Our DJ pays some fantastic music throughout and the freestyle element means you can dance with whoever you want, practice your moves and develop your style while enjoying the music and the company. Ceroc is primarily a social dancing style, which makes it perfect for big groups of people, socialising and making new friends, which is what Spice is all about!


So if you want to try out Ceroc yourself (and why wouldn’t you?) why don’t you come along to one of our events and give it a try? Spaces fill fast so make sure you book in for your taster session. We know you’ll love it! Or if dancing really isn’t your thing, we have all sorts of other events and activities available for you to try. So go ahead, try something new and discover a new passion! 


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