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Badminton: The Benefits You Had Never Thought Of

Dec 26, 2016

For a lot of people, badminton is something they played at school and haven’t touched since. But did you know it’s actually a fantastic sport for both your physical and social health?  Badminton is often a bit forgotten in favour of other, more flashy gym equipment or classes. But it’s actually a great, gentle way to get yourself moving, feel great and make some new lifelong friends. Don’t believe me? We’ve dug up a few benefits of playing badminton that you might not have come across before.


Improves Flexibility

Badminton requires a lot of stretching, swinging, reaching and lunging, not to mention all of the hitting, diving and running! With every swing your muscles will stretch a little bit more, gradually improving your flexibility and joint movement. Play regularly and you will find yourself being able to reach higher and stretch further than you ever thought you could.


Lose Weight

Did you know that playing just 1 hour of badminton burn 480 calories? Neither did we! That’s the highest calorie burn of any sport, and it can turn into real results. If you stick with it and eat right, you can lose up to 4kg in a month! Badminton is a fantastic sport for weight loss because it engages almost all of the muscles in your body – 5 time more than running!


Great For Social Health

Unlike at the gym, you play against an opponent at badminton. But rather than limiting you to one opponent, like squash does, you have the opportunity to play with another person against a team of two. You can even play as  a large group and rotate, so you play with different people of all levels of ability and personality. This increases social interactions and helps you get to know a group of people, and the bonding on the court means you’ll feel fantastic after a match!


Improves Muscle Tone 

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a smash or a drop, ever shot in badminton is a mini muscle toning workout. Half an hour of badminton a day can improve muscle tone, help build muscles and cut down fat in your body. And it’s not just your problem areas either. You’ll notice your arms and legs getting more toned to begin with, before the rest of your body gets the memo and follows on.


Increased Reflexes 

One of the key things about badminton is being able to hit the shuttlecock. That requires quick reflexes from your brain and your hands. You might not be able to do it first time, but after a session of two you will notice your reflexes getting quicker. Practicing badminton regularly helps you react quicker and move faster, which can make all sorts of daily tasks easier.


Strengthens Heart Muscles

A big problem for people past 40 is high cholesterol, which clogs the walls of the heart and stop it working as well. That can make you feel unfit and generally a bit rubbish. But playing badminton actively strengthens the heart muscles, so you will feel fitter and stronger every time you play. It’s even good for people with heart conditions!


Decrease Risk Of Diabetes

If you have diabetes, or a family history of it, badminton is a fantastic treatment and prevention sport. Playing badminton can actually decrease the production of sugar by the liver, which in turn decreases fasting blood sugar. In fact, studies by the Diabetes Prevention program found that regular exercise like badminton decreased the chances of developing diabetes by 58% - even better than medications!

So if you want to feel the benefits of badminton for yourself, why not come along to one of our free events? We have badminton events on throughout the year, with 5 left this month and 18 already set up for next year. Take a step towards improving your fitness, making yourself feel good and having fun with friends ready for the new year. For more information or to find out what other amazing events we’re throwing this year and next, just visit the events page or get in touch with me.  


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