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Mental Health – How can socialising help?

Feb 22, 2020

It has been reported that social isolation can be a trigger for mental health problems, so if you are feeling depressed about not getting out much, or anxious about meeting people, what can you do to improve your social life?

Step one – meet up with friends

Contact friends you may have been neglecting lately and suggest meeting for coffee and a cake. If it is too difficult to send them an invitation straight away, start slowly be sending them a text, a letter, or a quick email

If an invitation is made to you to meet up with an old friend, make an effort to say yes, rather than automatically saying no, and make every effort to turn up on the day

Step two - step out of your comfort zone

There is nothing quite like pushing your boundaries to help you feel more confident, and confidence makes you more appealing to others, so it will be easier to make friends. There are many social clubs online that you can join to do various activities and you will be part of a larger group of people, all there for the same reason as you

Step three – Join a group or an evening class

Look at what you like to do and see how it can be utilised to make new friends:-

If you enjoy dancing, start a dance class

If you like dogs, contact a local dog’s home and see if you can help with walking dogs

If baking is your thing, look online to see what classes are offered in your area

Photography classes are great, not only will you meet fellow enthusiasts, you should get the chance to get out and about to take photos

Something as simple as attending a church can really extend your social group

Step four – start exercising

It’s a well-known fact that exercise can help you feel better, but you don’t need to spend a long time doing it. A YouGov survey recently found that just 10 minutes of exercise is needed to reach a natural endorphin high. Start off by meeting up with a friend and taking a brisk walk outside, a bike ride, go swimming or a jog in the park. There are many groups and clubs around which are easy to join, and you are all starting off with something in common.

A report on the effect social relations can have on mental health and wellbeing

Please see the MIND website for further information and advice on dealing with mental health issues

How to look after your mental health using exercise

Please note - If you are at all concerned about your mental health, your first port of call should be a medical practitioner.

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