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What Do I Do Now?

Dec 20, 2019

A Guide for New Members

Now that you’ve joined Spice, we want you to make the most out of the group and of your membership.
Here are a few pointers which may help point you in the right direction:

  1. Choose your first event - remember we have all been a new member at one time. Take your time to look through the events schedule to choose the right one for you. The Majority of our events will have a co-ordinator there, so when you arrive let them know this is your first event and they will be happy to introduce you to other members to help you get started.
  2. Don’t put it off - try and book your first event as soon as possible. The longer you put it off then it’s likely that you will never get around to doing so and you’ll miss out on so much. We suggest you pick 3-4 events over the first couple of months and book them. We recommend that you choose events where you can mingle with lots of different people.
  3. Use the transport link up system - for members that struggle with getting to an event or would like to share the costs of petrol or would like some company on the way then let us know when you book. We try to match people up from the same area and if you are both in agreement will pass on contact details so you can plan.
  4. Talk to the team - Call us and we’ll happily help you find the right event for you or answer any questions you may have about an event.
  5. Smile, relax, jump straight in and have fun!!


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