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Spice Dines Steak & Lobster....look who they were sat next to! One hint MUFC

Jul 13, 2018

While we were out at Steak & Lobster in Manchester on Friday evening,  they were sat down next to someone famous. One of our members recognised José Mourinho the manager of Manchester United was sat on the table next to them. 

As Jose was a regular to the restaurant the staff said they wouldn’t ask him if they we could have a picture with him. So as Jose was leaving Johno decided to follow him out and get a picture.  After they took their picture Johnno said to him - "I love your music and have all your albums" har har ! I bet he wouldn't what Johnno was on about....I think he did crack a smile

The restaurant was lovely serving delicious food - the finest steak and freshest lobster to your plate.


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