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Sausage jokes are the wurst.... 😂

Oct 31, 2017

As it is UK Sausage Week this week we decided to show you a few pictures from our Sausage Making Workshop. We asked a few members what there best sausage jokes are 

John Weatherbed - Doctor doctor; I think I'm a sausage. That's weird; my last patient thought he was a sausage too.... I wonder if they're linked.

Dave Smith - Two sausages in a pan - one says 'gosh its getting hot in here - the other says - OMG a talking sausage!

Rachel Mcirvenna  - It takes guts to make a sausage

Christopher Anthony James - My local butcher was taken to court for not putting enough meat in his sausages...he used to make the first third from rusk,the second third meat and the last third more rusk. In his defence he said......................................"In this current ecomomic climate and fears over Brexit,it is very difficult to make ends meat!! " :-)

Stuart Barnes-watson - Looks a whole lot better than a commercial sausage factory!


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