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National Walking Month – May

May 01, 2019

May is officially the National Walking month, but for Spice members every month is Walking month with our year-round schedule of hobbles, strolls, rambles, walks and weekends to suit all abilities.

There are so many benefits for walking including;

  1. It’s good for our hearts – walking can help strengthen our tickers and could reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. It is said that a brisk walk 30 minutes every day do wonders for getting the blood and oxygen pumping around our bodies.
  2. Great exercise for our Legs, Bums & Tums – we use many muscles when we are walking including our calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads and abdominals. It can also help with burning calories if you are trying to maintain your weight or lose some pounds.
  3. Gives you energy – walking boosts our circulation and increases the oxygen supply throughout our bodies to energise us and help us feel more alert.
  4. Makes us happy – it is said that a brisk walk can boost our mood and can help if we are feeling stressed or have anxiety.
  5. Fresh Air & Vitamin D – so many of us work indoors so a walk outside can help with increasing our exposure to Vitamin D from sunlight. Not only is Vit D good for our immune system it can also aid our bone health.

At Spice we aim to help members find the right walking event though our grading system (link to https://www.spiceuk.com/join-spice/spice-walking-grades/) where 1 is Strenuous and is Easy-Peasy.  The approximate mileage is included in the event information with a description of the walk and all our walk leaders are experienced and carry relevant first aid and emergency equipment.  We do request that members make us aware of any medical conditions prior to the walk and that all walkers are appropriately equipped for the event (link to system (link to https://www.spiceuk.com/join-spice/spice-walking-grades/)

Above all we want our walks to be fun and enjoyable, in addition to the above benefits they can be extremely social and a great way to meet like-minded new friends.

We look forward to welcoming you on an event soon.  If you have a question about our Walks contact the Spice Manchester office on 0161 864 3849 (Monday to Friday 10.0am to 6.00pm


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