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How to Meet New People and Find Friends

Feb 08, 2019

How to Meet New People and Find Friends

We are often asked our top tips to meet new people and find new friends – aside from us recommending our own organisation we are always quick to recommend other ways too which includes:

Taking up a new hobby or sport – joining a choir or a yoga group or taking up a sport or craft class can quickly widen your social circle. You are already on to a winner as you are with people who have similar interests to you which makes it easier as you have a talking point already. Check what is available in your local community; decide what will fit in with your lifestyle & pocket and go along to join in the fun!

Making more of an effort with work colleagues and/or neighbours.  Organise the occasional works nights out to help you to get to know each other socially, maybe go bowling or convince your employer to let you all do a volunteering day at a local animal shelter or helping to do some gardening at an old folks home. Organise something for your road such as a street party, a street clean up or just a quarterly meet up at each other’s house to get to know each other better. There is a good chance you will hit it off and make long term friendships through one these routes.

Volunteering – there are so many volunteering opportunities around which can help you to meet people & make new friends and just think of all the good you will be doing too, it’s a win win situation! Whether you volunteer at a local charity shop, offer your skills to the Citizens Advice Bureau or put yourself forward as a befriender for age UK or a Silverline phone friend there are lots of opportunities to get to know your fellow volunteers or make strong friendships with those you are helping.

Borrowing a Dog to walk – no-one can resist the lure of a cute pooch so you are bound to meet lots of people who want to say hello and ask you questions about your canine companion when you are out on the local field. Arrange to meet up with other dog walkers to get to know them better maybe stopping at a nice dog friendly café for refreshments part way round. Find out how your new doggy friends relax and have fun and see if you have something in common other than dog walking that you could pursue together.

Joining a Social Group like Spice, go out on the events, chat to people and find out what events they have been on and would recommend or have enjoyed, enjoy the company of other like minded Spicers and arrange to meet at future events that catch your interests or to transport share to events. We know from experience (we hear it all the time) that really strong friendships grow this way and Spice and our members are a testament to this.

Meeting new people and making new friends can be easy when you know how, so take the plunge, smile and say hi and before you know it your diary will be filling up with invitations to grow friendships with your new contacts. And just a little tip, if you do meet someone whose company you enjoy, be brave, tell them that you would like to keep in touch and meet up again in the future and to facilitate this offer them a way of keeping in touch with you!


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