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Finding Love

Sep 23, 2019

Spice isn’t technically a dating club.

Many of our members are single though, and so naturally as people expand their social life with our nights out, sporting activities, weekend breaks and holidays then friendships are made and sometimes yes love is found.

It’s not unusual for new members to find us after the breakdown of a relationship as a way of starting afresh.

As often happens though after a marriage or partnership split, we can feel nervous about embarking on a new adventure or to feel a little bruised if the decision to break up wasn’t our idea or worry about future relationships.

Maureen Fearon has been a member of Spice for many years and is our resident relationship specialist. She is a behavioural and emotional expert with over 30 years’ experience in guiding and developing others. As a fully qualified therapy specialist, trainer and motivational speaker she inspires others to change and enhance their results and overcome the unwanted challenges of life. She is a regular guest on BBC Radio stations across the nation, often referred to as "The Love Guru" for her expertise on relationships, dating and love issues.

Closer to home, in our Stretford base, she hosts several regular monthly events including Relationship & Dating Tips sessions where she shares the tools to help us make great relationships, and for people to find happiness in their lives. Through her fun workshops, she has helped many to find love and many to resolve their differences and have stronger relationships.

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