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40th Anniversary “Save the Date”!

Jan 01, 0001

We are excited to announce in 2021 Spice will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe just how long Spice has been going and just how far it has come in that time. It has certainly been a fabulous journey that has taken many members to places and on adventures that without Spice they may never have had the opportunity experiences. Some have been fortunate enough to travel the globe with us seeing sights such as The Northern Lights, white water rafting down the Grand Canyon, the Rio Carnival, cruising The Nile, too much skiing to mention and exploring virtually every continent of the world to mention but a few! But it’s not all about the holidays as you know Spice offers so much more…

Mostly, we pride ourselves on providing to opportunity for anyone to meet and form new and long-term friendships whilst taking part in a huge variety of activities and social events all the while having huge amounts of fun along the way.  So, it only seems right that we celebrate our momentous year with, yes; you guessed it, a National Spice Ball.

We began our National Balls on our 25th Anniversary so whether you’ve been to the previous three (30th & 35th) or this will be your first it is definitely one not to miss – ask around, members still talk about them!

The date is Saturday 9 October 2021 and everyone is invited to join us and celebrate this special occasion.  We will also be offering extra nights for those of you that would like to make a weekend of it!  So save the date and wait for us to release more details later this year. You can also join the 40th Anniversary Facebook Group to keep up with the latest information as it happens.


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