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Being sociable is being able to see someone’s eyes and not just ‘like’ them on social media. Meet real people, enjoy real experiences and have real fun.

By far the majority of people join Spice after we’ve being recommended by a friend. That’s really powerful stuff. When was the last time you recommended something with such passion as our members do?

Spice is for you, it really doesn’t matter. (OK it does, you need to be over 18 and under 99).

Nobody likes being known as being ‘easy’ but we are, in a nice friendly kind of way. And you can always pick up a phone - we are not a faceless internet kind of company with a hard to find telephone number. Here it is in fact - 0161 873 8788.

From white water rafting, meals out, parachuting, learning how to play Bridge, theatre…... We have over 8,000 events annually up and down the UK and around the world. (over 22 per day!!)

You’ll need to buy lots of them. Spice is very sociable. Be prepared to make lots of friends!

Spice is more fun than watching a sitcom about "Friends" - make your own!. Ask any Spicer and they will tell you how it transforms your life.

Membership costs about the same as a pint of beer a week but it’s so much more satisfying and has less calories!

The most established and the best (for a reason). Spice is the UK’s largest sports activity and social club. Founded in 1981 it’s also one of the oldest. Continually evolving and giving its members what they want every single day, never resting on its laurels. Just as you’d expect.

Most of our active members rate joining Spice as ‘one of the best things they have ever done’. Many will also tell you that it has ‘transformed their life’. So all you need to do is dip your toe in and discover a whole new world of adventure, socialising and friendships!

This means YOU are very welcome. We don’t discriminate and we know you won’t either.

At Spice we know no one is born an expert, so why would we expect you to be one for every one of the many experiences we organise? Whatever your interest or level of experience come and try an event with us! Lots of Spice events are aimed at the absolute beginner and we also provide any special equipment you may require. What a perfect way to learn a new skill or try something new?

Friendships in an instant – this is the easiest way to meet people, out there on events, whilst doing something – anything!.

Just like having a spare parachute in life Spice gives you confidence. Try new things, have new hobbies or experiences to talk about. Take the leap!

The world is full of them, as is our membership. All shapes and sizes and everyone is unique and special in a respectful way, you know?

We know it’s good to have someone watching out for your back and you may want to bring someone with you to suss us out. But at Spice we are so friendly you won’t feel the need to. (In fact, 70% of people attending Spice events come along on their own).

You can try Spice for nothing – no obligation. If you don’t like it you simply cancel your membership. Just contact us to cancel within 3 months of joining and we will give you all your membership money back and you’ll have nothing to pay. Simple, transparent and truly fabulous!

Across the globe with like minded people. Share experiences, fun and laughter that money cannot buy, whether its skiing in the USA or cycling across Vietnam. Our programmes are carefully put together by a dedicated team of holiday experts and many are totally unique to Spice.

Not all Spice members want to travel down a zip wire or drive a tank. Some like to socialise and meet up for a drink or go to the theatre or travel the world. Whatever your cup of tea (or can of Red Bull) there’s something for everyone at Spice.

In a busy world we take time to give back. Our members tell us who they want to support – join us and help your favourite charity (we call it ‘fun raising’). Spice has raised over £1 Million pounds for people in need.

Jousting, wing-walking or just chatting and sharing - for a fantastic Spice event all you need to do is just add YOU! With no planning or organising all you need to do is turn up. How easy is that?

‘Free to use’ social networks are all fine until there is a problem. Then there is nobody to speak to. With Spice we have a nationwide network of offices manned by friendly helpful people who would love to get on first name terms and help you in any way they can.

Unlike other groups that meet, we are covered by all sorts of insurances and at Spice you are too! We also have access to holiday and other activity insurances at preferential rates.

You need more than your ‘5 a Day’ you also need to be stimulated as well. Being a member of Spice is good for your brain and your ‘soul’. You will always have something to look forward to, something new to learn and new friends to make and meet – now when was the last time you had that feeling?!

Ever wanted to learn something new but never got round to it? Whether it’s learning to sail, dance, ski, play Badminton or drive a tank! you can finally do it with us. Lots of these are entry level but we also have programmes for intermediates through to expert in all sorts of activities. So no excuses!

You can bring guests onto Spice events up to three times before they need to join. No more ‘we need to catch up’ promises made to friends. Simply choose an event together and off you go!

Who knew you could have fun getting fit? From easy and hard walks in the countryside, sports nights for beginners like badminton. Ski lessons, Zumba classes and a hundred other ways to get fitter having fun, the choice is yours. (and its cheaper than a gym).

Shh - don’t tell.

Its been said many, many times. So let’s ‘Party like its 1999’. (OK maybe more this century - but you know what we mean).

How frustrating is it waiting online or on the phone to buy tickets to your favourite events? Whether its concerts, The Chelsea Flower Show, Operas at Covent Garden, The Edinburgh Festival and lot and lots more, our events do all that for you. Call it delegation or time management - we just call it smart.

With discounts with a host of companies your membership goes that little bit further...

Now you can really talk about fire breathing or rock climbing with confidence.

Let us do all the planning. Result!

We are not a singles club and as a twosome you have the perfect excuse for some quality time together, maybe learning Salsa, or even eating salsa at that cool restaurant.

It’s really true - we have members who’s best friends are people they have met in Spice (Quick pass the tissues).

Our feedback overwhelmingly tells us we offer ‘excellent value for money’ – say no more.

(stop reading this and JOIN!)

Keep your sofa looking brand new as you’ll never be a couch potato again!

Tap into a huge knowledge of the best local venues, events and places to go.

Try something with others that have similar interests to you but come from another walk of life.

Join Spice Today Here's Your 30 Day Free Trial

What We Do

We are the social activity group for ordinary people who want to do extraordinary things!

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Once a member all you need to do is book on the hundreds events up and down the country

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Member Benefits

Spice Extras is a host of special discounts for our members which are fully accessible when you have joined.

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Spice Preview Nights

Great way to come and meet the team and get to know what Spice does

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