Welcome to Spice West Midlands

Welcome to the West Midlands branch of Spice. We are the largest group in the Spice family with hundreds of wonderful members of all ages and all walks of life. It’s a group for anyone looking to...

“do lots of things they wouldn’t otherwise do .. and meet lots of people they wouldn’t otherwise meet”

That’s Spice in a nutshell!

Members have a huge range of events to choose from each month and there’s literally something for everyone; be it the latest adrenaline pumping outdoor activities; weekends & holidays; walks, rambles & cycle rides; sport & fitness; workshops & talks; and a huge programme of social events including theatre, concerts, dining, parties and behind the scenes visits to lots of places you’ve always wanted to go! We even provide extras to TV shows on occasions!

It’s all about having fun and trying new things with a group of like-minded, ‘go for it’ people of all ages and abilities who want to live life to the full.

Membership and event costs are kept to a minimum. And in return you’ll have lots of fun, make hundreds of friends and have an unbelievable ‘interests & hobbies’ section on your next CV!

Spice is for everyone but is particularly good for those who are new to the area or perhaps have just come out of a relationship and want to fill their calendar with lots of fun things to do and get an instant social circle of new friends.


Spice West Midlands

We have a team of friendly people working to run the group and to find and create lots of great events and ensure they all run smoothly.

They are..

Steve Dell – Spice Coordinator for the West Midlands

Arlene Dell - Event Administrator

Claire Skerrett - Event Administrator

Wendy Rake - Event Planner

In addition to this we have a large number of Volunteer Coordinators who are long term members who have got a lot out of the group themselves and want to put something back. They help us by hosting events that we can’t get to ourselves and ensure that members always get a warm welcome.

Spice on YouTube

Take a look at some of our brilliant events you can be a part of...