Tandem Skydive in North Lincolnshire : Yorkshire

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This has got to be one of the most exciting events that Spice offers its members!

We now have over five hundred members nationally in the '10,000ft Club' who have tasted the heady heights of this special unique freedom. The members that have done it rate it as one of their best events ever! Target Skysports operates from the Drop Zone at Hibaldstow Airfield, nr Brigg in North Lincolnshire. There is a café & bar on site as well as toilets & showers and camping is available at the airfield for free. To Tandem Skydive you are attached to one of the country's top parachute instructors (in keeping with SPICE policy) who then leaps from an aircraft at up to 15,000ft. You fall through the air with the greatest of ease at a mere 120 miles an hour in free fall - for approximately 35 seconds - before the instructor eventually pulls the ripcord and the parachute safely carries you back to earth for a gentle ride down of about 4 minutes - to a tip toe landing in the pit.

Tandem Skydiving offers the easiest and quickest way to experience your first jump without the need for a lengthy training session. A short 20-25 minute briefing session will guide you through what is required to exit the aircraft, freefall from up to 15,000ft and land a modern high-performance square canopy after a lengthy canopy ride. After your training, you will be fully kitted up with all necessary equipment before boarding the aircraft for the 20-30 minute climb to altitude, giving you plenty of time to admire the scenery – or come to terms with your nerves or fear of heights! The exit from the aircraft is from up to 15,000ft, allowing a freefall for around 1 minute at speeds of approximately 120mph until the parachute is deployed at 5,000ft. The exhilaration of freefalling is absolutely breathtaking with sensations which just have to be experienced to be believed. Canopy deployment is controlled by your Instructor at the end of the freefall and is just the start of a slow, peaceful ride down to landing lasting around 5 minutes. Tandem canopies are fitted with dual controls allowing both student and Instructor to steer and control the canopy. Landing is controlled by the Instructor, allowing a comfortable touch down for the safest way to land on your first jump! The pre-jump briefing by the Instructor covers landing techniques and procedures in detail.

An experienced aerial photographer will be available to take photos and a video (on USB stick) of you in flight for £99 - sounds a lot on top of your jump fee but worth every penny, and comes highly recommended. In for a penny - in for a pound I guess. Everyone is welcome subject to certain restrictions on height and weight (see below) - and medical history please see form 115-A at https://www.bpa.org.uk/forms/download/297/pdf, which must be completed and if you have any of the listed conditions form 115-B at https://www.bpa.org.uk/forms/download/298/pdf must be signed by a doctor, and your doctor may charge for this service. Allow time to arrange to get this signed before the day. This event is weather dependent, however you will be trained whatever the weather on the day you book for, and jumped if possible, so there is no weather check to do. If you cannot be jumped on your booked day, Target Skysports will arrange a new date for you. There is a weight limit of 16 stone to participate in this event. The total cost of the event is £259. You need to pay a deposit of £40 to secure your slot & then pay £219 on the day at the beginning of your training. Payment on the day can be made by credit card (3% surcharge), debit card or cash.

Restrictions ...

Minimum weight: 7st / 45kg

Maximum weight: 16st / 101kg (in your own clothes)

Minimum height: 4ft 10in / 147cm

Body Mass Index: those with a BMI of 39+ are not suitable to take part. Those with a BMI of 35+ will be subject to assessment.

Medical conditions: as listed on Form 115-A

Full details are at http://www.skydiving.co.uk/Documents/sh-tandem-restrictions.pdf

Spectators are welcome and there is a spectator's area 75m from the landing area and a cafe inside too. Pets are not allowed.

Please state your age (on the event date), weight and height when booking.

Times will be allocated after you book.

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Tandem Skydive in North Lincolnshire

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