SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Strike a Pose! : Thames Valley & Solent

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This event is no longer available.

Here is something different to get those creative juices flowing. Well this is Spice after all and we just love anything out of the norm!

Here goes - find a portrait, gallery picture, a general painting, etc and recreate that same pose! We know - it's totally bonkers but at the same time we know you'll love it!

You can do this utilising anything you have at your disposal at home such as food items, clothes, bottles, yourself and family members. Obviously, the idea is to try and create something very similar to the portrait. However, there's also a twist, should you choose this option; you can add your own interpretation to your recreation, (see the white horse picture in the gallery to give you an idea) which will make for so much fun and laughter. This will be just the tonic we all need as we embark on week 3 of lockdown!

We have added lots of pictures in the gallery to give you some ideas of what can be done and how differently you can interpret what you see, so please do take a look.

How it will work: Find your portrait, gallery picture, etc and take a copy of it. Then recreate it in your own way and then take a picture and save it.

Ideally, we would ask you to put the pictures side by side (as in the gallery photos) and have them ready to share with us. This means that you will need to save them to whichever platform (PC, laptop, ipad etc) that you will be using to join us on the event.

However, if you're not sure how to collate the pics side by side then we will do it for you. We will just need you to email them to us by Thursday 9th April to give us time to get them ready for viewing on Friday. Please email them to: jackie.whyte.spice@gmail.com

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SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Strike a Pose!

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