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Session 3. Is it possible to think yourself back into the game? Play better Golf (sport). Thursday 25th February 7pm

Ready for an insight that may change your life?

Close observation of leaders reveals when public speaking, at key points, they press thumb and fore finger together. This is a form of self hypnosis, centering thoughts and giving confidence in stressful meetings.

You can learn these techniques to help you in everyday situations!

Steve works with people around the world, to give them that elusive 10% that makes them constant winners. We are very lucky to have Steve providing a series of sessions on how YOU can use self hypnosis.

As a Registered Hypnotist and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd in the UK, He has worked with groups and individuals on success and focusing their minds since 2004.

Session 1. Bouncing back, clarity, purpose & stress release. Tuesday 19th January 7pm

This looks at how you can learn self hypnosis as a tool you can always turn to, for help with stress relief, focus, clarity and keeping control. It includes a practice session.

"The work I do involves helping groups and individuals make use of the many amazing changes hypnosis can bring about in particular with regards to work related stress."

Session 2. Getting Better Sleep. Sunday 31st January 7pm

Counting sheep? Yes, we all have bouts of sleeping issues. Imagine you had something to turn to that would allow you to sleep properly? This is the meeting for you! Make sure you are in a comfy chair and get ready to relax.

Session 3. Is it possible to think yourself back into the game? Play better Golf. Thursday 25th February 7pm

This session is aimed at golfers but will assist any sportsmen or ladies. We’ve all experienced desperate times on the golf course when our swing has deserted us and the putts refuse to drop. Is it possible to think yourself back into the game? Steve is sure you can. He now works with golfers all over the world, helping them find the consistency to their shots over 18 holes. 

“It just takes three sessions to put someone on the right track,” said Steve. “Through hypnosis, I can get golfers to remember a great game or even a great shot. Together we can then work on visualising techniques so they can capture that feeling when they are out on the golf course.

“I’ll start by asking a golfer what is the one thing they would like to change before the next session. It is often something in their short game or putting. After the first session with me, they will go out on the course and have some success. Then we will focus on the next area of performance. It is a fascinating process.”

“I can work with beginners too. By encouraging them to practise and maintain their enthusiasm.”

Want to learn more?

After practising the techniques, maybe you will be saying that lockdown improved your life!  

If you would like to learn more Steve is offering a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to attendees from any of the meetings. Steve's contact details are www.executivehypnotist.com  t: +44 (0)3330 067 490 | m: 07828 971 058 

Steve also has a will have a number of audio/video courses available;

  •  ‘Calm and Clarity’ – A new self-hypnosis audio track every Monday for just £9.70 per month - https://playbettergolfgame.com/product/calm-clarity-weekly-downloads
  •  ‘Learn Self Hypnosis’ – A video course from £47
  • ‘Play Better Golf’ – A video course from £97
  • ‘Weight Loss’ – A video course from £97
  • ‘Better Sleep’ – A video course from £97
  • ‘Business Performance’ – A video course from £97

Steve is a registered hypnotist and a chinosis coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts. He also holds an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy. 

Find out more about Steve; steve.woods@executivehypnotist.com www.executivehypnotist.com

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SPICE EXCLUSIVE! Self Hypnosis; Play better Golf (Sport) with Steve Woods; Session 3.

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Posted Jan 17, 2021 12:00
“I work with people to eliminate their off days, I unstick people...together we release their fears and blocks, to allow them to perform better and be the best version of themselves,”  said Steve Woods. Hypnotism is about raising your level of focus and about embedding positive thoughts in your subconscious, rather than overthinking.
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