SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Massaoke Spice Style : Thames Valley & Solent

SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Massaoke Spice Style


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What the devil is Massaoke, we hear you say! The idea is very simple.

For the uninitiated, Massaoke is a huge mass Karaoke Party usually with a brilliant live band and giant sing-along lyrics. 

Obviously, we don’t have the live band or giant lyrics BUT we do have access to hundreds of songs and their lyrics which we can project right into your homes! Sounds great, right?

So, if you fancy some fun singing along with your Spice chums to some great tunes then please do join us. 

It really doesn’t matter if you have the voice of an angel or not. All are welcome!

Remember to grab yourself a drink and a hairbrush (obviously, unless of course you have the real McCoy) and prepare to sing to your heart's content.

This is not conventional karaoke so you will be singing as part of a bigger group and not on your own.

The first event was rather rudely nicknamed Car Crash Karaoke, and may be better enjoyed after a beverage or two of your choice, it was certainly a lot of fun!

How it will work: You will need to answer the booking question by telling us what song(s) you would like to sing on the night. Then just turn up at 7.30pm and we will do the rest.

After the Massaoke, we can play a few tunes if you want to carry on the party!

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SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Massaoke Spice Style

SPICE EXCLUSIVE - Massaoke Spice Style


From ₤0.00

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