SPICE EXCLUSIVE: Give Us A Clue Charades Game : Yorkshire

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This event is no longer available.

Based on the old TV game show, Give Us a Clue; tonight we'll spend a fun hour trying to tell each other the name of a film, book, song, play or TV show without using words. It's not a competition and we'll make sure that everybody gets a go.

Two stage booking process: you will need to book the event here and then register on the link in the booking confirmation that you will receive by email.

Here are some of the gestures you may need to help you!

BOOK TITLE: Unfold your hands as if they were a book.

MOVIE TITLE: Pretend to crank an old-fashioned movie camera.

SONG TITLE: Pretend to sing.

TV SHOW: Draw a rectangle to outline a TV screen.

PLAY TITLE: Place both hands out, palms facing the audience and touching at the thumbs, and draw them apart like a theater curtain.

NUMBER OF WORDS IN THE CHARADE: Hold up the corresponding number of fingers.

WHICH WORD YOU ARE MIMING: Hold up the number of fingers again.

NUMBER OF SYLLABLES IN THE WORD: Lay the number of fingers on your arm.

WHICH SYLLABLE YOU ARE ON: Lay the number of fingers on your arm again.

LENGTH OF WORD: Make a “little” or “big” sign as if you were measuring a fish.


SOUNDS LIKE OR RHYMES WITH: Pull on your earlobe.

THE ENTIRE CONCEPT: Sweep your arms through the air making big brackets.

CLOSE, KEEP GUESSING! Frantically wave your hands about to keep the guesses coming, or pretend to fan yourself, as if to say “getting hotter”.

“A” steeple index fingers together.

“I” point at your eye, or your chest.

“THE” make a “T” sign with your index fingers.

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SPICE EXCLUSIVE: Give Us A Clue Charades Game

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News: Yorkshire

Posted Jun 17, 2021 12:00
It's been great to have Jill back in the office helping to put together some new events as well as rescheduling some that were unable to go ahead last year. Unfortunately, a few events that we had planned in the coming weeks have had to be adapted or postponed due to the pause to the ending of Coronavirus restrictions, but we will continue to do what we can when we can, and the speed of the vaccination programme gives us great hope that we can return to normal later in the summer.
Posted Jun 10, 2021 12:00
What fun we had in York on Tuesday when Spice Military were admitted as interactive exhibits of the 20th Century Entertainment Corps at York Army Museum. We have a certificate to prove it! The museum has a range of exhibits from the 17th century right through to the story of Captain Sir Tom Moore, and we were honoured to meet Florence Nightingale too!
Posted Jun 03, 2021 12:00
Ten Pin Bowling fans will be happy to hear that we have at last managed to get bookings at Sheffield on Wednesday and Leeds on Thursday. We'll be playing 'normal' bowling this month, but we will return to our usual pyramid scoring once indoor social contact restrictions are removed.
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