Song Title Bar Crawl Leeds : Yorkshire

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Ever thought that the walk between pubs on a crawl is a bit boring. Well, worry no longer!

Tonight we present you a pub crawl with a difference. Before you leave each pub, your Coordinator will give each team a card with three song titles on and the name of the next pub. As you move there, you will have the opportunity to try to take pictures relating to the titles (please ask permission from members of the general public!).

At the next pub, points will be given for each photograph you have taken that match the titles given. Extra points may be given at the discretion of the Coordinator for humour, originality or sheer cheek!

At the end of the evening, the winning team will receive a prize.

7:30-8:00 Meet up in the White Swan on Briggate

8:00-8:30 Photos and travel to next pub

8:30-9:00 2nd pub

9:00-9:30 Photos and travel to next pub

9:30-10:00 3rd pub

10:00-10:30 photos and travel to final pub

10:30 Final pub & prizes!

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Song Title Bar Crawl Leeds

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Posted May 28, 2020 12:00
What a close finish we had in the Grand Final of Family Fortunes last Tuesday. After seven weeks of competition it all came down to which team could find the last answer to the question "Name a character that is green". We'd already had some of the obvious ones like Green Giant and Kermit but nobody was guessing the last one. Then with one chance to steal, the No 1s discussed several options. If I'd have been playing I'd have gone with the Green Cross Code Man or maybe Baron Greenback, but the team decided to go with The Statue of Liberty. I thought that was an odd choice as it wasn't originally green but took many years to achieve its current colour.
Posted May 22, 2020 12:00
As our Family Fortunes game has been so popular, and ahead of the Grand Final on Tuesday we are about to start to play Countdown! Whether you like words or numbers, or just want a fun hour with fellow Spice members, join us for the first one this Sunday evening! https://www.spiceuk.com/events-holidays/spice-exclusive-spice-does-countdown
Posted May 14, 2020 12:00
Friday night sees the first Spice National Gurning Contest to be held online during our TSI Friday event. Gurning is the fine art of pulling a particularly grotesque distorted face. A prize is promised for the winners so get a mirror and get practising.
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