Sleepy Hour with Maureen Fearon : Manchester

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Through these unusual times, many are experiencing poor sleep for a variety of reasons. Lack of sleep can be dangerous to our physical and mental health. It is a great opportunity to learn now how to master our sleep in simple ways. Maureen has helped thousands of people return to and have great sleep, with her Sleep workshops. She has created "Sleepy Hour" to share how to have the best sleep we can. Valuable know how that will last you a lifetime.

Please Note: This particular sessions is not Spice Exclusive.

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Sleepy Hour with Maureen Fearon

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News: Manchester

Posted Nov 17, 2020 12:00
2021 marks 40 years since Spice started right here in Manchester - the brain child of our founder Dave Smith; Spice began back in 1981 from Dave's home in Old Trafford, Manchester running 12 high adrenalin, often madcap events a year but nowadays is very much about socialising, making friends, sharing adventures and bucket list events all whilst having fun with like minded people.
Looking back, Spice Nationally has had well over 100,000 members through our doors who have taken part in the vast array of events on offer - though of course we are somewhat curtailed with our offerings at the moment.
We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary with a fabulous Ruby Ball at The Midland Hotel in Manchester in October 2021 and we are already at 60% capacity after just 10 days of tickets being on sale to our members.
For all our supporters who are no longer in membership for one reason or another, you can add yourself to a list to be notified at a later date if we do have capacity for non members by contacting your local office.
In the meantime we have a full program of online events during the lockdown with lots of fun on offer in the Zoom Room - not quite the same as face to face but still very enjoyable and we hope to be at the very least back out walking in December.
To find out more about of 40th Ball click the button below
Posted Nov 11, 2020 12:00
Our phone number is changing in the next few days so please do make a note of the new number which is 0161 327 3141 - this number is in service now.
Posted Nov 05, 2020 12:00
We have had our wings clipped somewhat with the new lockdown so our socialising for now has moved online - we have a vast array of online events including quiz nights, music & dancing evenings, cookery sessions, line dancing, Isolation Discs, Rock & Roll Bingo, Family Fortunes, What's the Next Line, Book Club, Craft Sessions, Ukulele sessions, Just a Minute, Would I lie to you, Coffee Morning and many more fun interactive events.
We currently have a 90 day free trial membership offer too for those who are new to Spice membership.
Why not take a look at our website and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us on 0161 327 3141!
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