Shetland Pony Experience at Quarry Bridge Farm in Polesworth : West Midlands

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West Midlands

This event is no longer available.

Based at Quarry Bridge Farm in Polesworth, Suzie's Alpacas is a lovely family-run farm where we can expect a hands on experience. This is their Shetland Pony event but they are also running an Alpaca experience for us which is available to book here.

We begin our experience with an exclusive talk to find out all about their lovely Shetland ponies. After the safety briefing we will learn how to groom the ponies with all the different types of brushes and then be able to have a go ourselves.

Assuming our ponies have been well behaved enough, we can also offer them a few special treats afterwards as their reward!

Following our experience there will be a brief tour of the other animals on the farm. We can expect to see horses, alpacas, donkeys, sheep, a pig, goats, owls, hens and geese!

Once our 'work' is complete we can expect a well deserved hot or cold drink and of course, a slice of cake too!

This event is organized and supplied by Susie's Alpacas, whose terms and conditions apply, obtainable on request and for whom Spice act as agent. Those booking enter into a contract directly with Suzie's Alpacas. For availability and bookings contact Spice.

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Shetland Pony Experience at Quarry Bridge Farm in Polesworth

Hosting By

West Midlands

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