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The Plan is to meet at Pickford's House to experience this unique museum, the show home of the Enlightenment architect Joseph Pickford.

We will have a guided tour which will last about an hour.

About the House

Hidden amongst the gorgeous old buildings and cobbled

pavement of Friar Gate sits Pickford’s

House; the professional showcase and family home of Georgian

architect Joseph Pickford. Now the museum illustrating aspects of domestic life

from the 18th to the 20th centuries, Pickford’s House shows the contrast

between the master and the servant, the grandeur of Georgian architecture and

the changes that occurred in the house over its 250-year life.


Garden: The first evidence of a garden layout at the rear of

Pickford’s House is illustrated on street plans drawn in the middle of the 19th

century. The garden seen here today is based on the French parterre design in

which paths surround symmetrical beds edged in box and yew. To the side of the

house is a wonderful wildlife garden. Although this is laid out in a formal

style, its main objective is to provide year round food for wildlife in the

form of nectar and berries.


Theatre Gallery: This magical room houses a selection of toy and model

theatres from The Frank Bradley Collection. The toy theatre originates from

around 1800, when print sellers marketed prints of famous actors and actresses

of the day. Their trade soon expanded to allow theatre enthusiasts and children

to build miniatures model theatres and stage plays in their own homes.


Kitchen: This was built sometime between 1812 and 1831 to

house kitchen and washing facilities, with Rev. Joseph Pickford’s own bedroom

and dressing room upstairs. We do not know where the original kitchen would

have been. The open range, where all the cooking was done, is a modern copy.

Notice there is no oven, so pies, cakes and bread were probably sent out to a

local bakehouse to be cooked or were bought ready-made.


We can then take a short walk to Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Have our afternoon tea, then have a look around this fascinating range of

nationally collections.

With longstanding and temporary exhibits, the Museum and Art Gallery boasts paintings and artefacts that are of both local and international significance. Visit our exquisite collection of Joseph Wright paintings. March through our Soldier’s Story Exhibition to see the range of weaponry and objects, both military and personal. Pop on your adventure hat and explore historic artefacts from thousands of years ago, within our Archaeology Gallery.

There is also a newly refurbished shop of unique

souvenirs and art materials to browse at your own leisure.

Once we have explorer the Museum we can have some

lunch in The Coffee House with locally sourced cake and coffee, surrounded by a

collection of historical porcelain.



Enjoyed the event very much particularly Pickford’s

house where the guide was excellent and made the tour very interesting. Would

recommend this event to people and would book any similar events myself.


The nearest parking is Parksafe on Bold Lane.




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Pickford House guided tour, Derby Museum and Afternoon Tea

Hosting By

West Midlands

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