Outdoor Dinner at Casa do Frango : London

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Founders Marco and Jake have a friendship forged over Frango, with trips to the local Piri-Piri shacks being the highlight of many summers spent at Marco’s home in the Algarve.

After years of unparalleled Piri-Piri perfection, the pair knew that they had to bring this humble dish home and do it justice for thousands of hungry Londoners. They were determined to honour the authentic Algarvian cooking techniques, flavour and experience. And so, Casa do Frango was born.

They believe that the quality of the final product can only be as good as the quality of the ingredients. That’s they we aim to work with the best suppliers in the industry. 

From British chicken farmers to Portuguese Piri-Piri growers, to Galician fishermen – they do not discriminate and will go the extra mile to ensure they have the best produce.

All their chicken comes from a trusted family butcher who supplies high-welfare birds from a hand-picked selection of farms in Norfolk and Shropshire.

Whilst in the Algarve they worked with a legendary grill-master who shared the secrets behind the best Piri-Piri chicken in the world. They always stay true to their roots: they only grill over wood-charcoal, they cook all their chicken from raw, they use smaller 900g birds to ensure beautifully even cooking and they always brush three times, with their secret Piri-Piri blend.

Their menu pays homage to the many delights of the region, with traditional sides and sharing dishes highlighting the variety of Portuguese cuisine, from classics with a twist to seasonal favourites and a range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Take their Bacalhau Fritters for example; traditionally made with salt cod and potatoes, they've swapped in chickpeas for an extra crunch, perfect foil for their tangy lemon aioli.

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Outdoor Dinner at Casa do Frango

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