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Unravel the mysteries of Microsoft Office. The course covers everything from the basics to the most complex functionality, as well as focusing on specific areas of the software. They aim to teach applicable skills and use real-life examples where possible, and can be accessed on a broad range of devices.

This course focuses on Excel

The bundle includes: Microsoft Excel for beginners | Microsoft Excel intermediate | Microsoft Excel advanced

Microsoft Excel for beginners includes: add | multiply | subtraction | dividing | sort | percentage | running totals | merge | filter | average | AVERAGEIF | VLOOKUP | CountBlank | transpose | pie charts | column charts | conditional formatting

Microsoft Excel intermediate includes: | SumProduct | data validation with date, whole numbers or list feature | ABS function | CLEAN function | CELL function with 10 variations | MEDIAN function | N function | RANDBETWEEN function | custom background image | change text to lower case, upper case or proper case | autofill | tables | templates

Microsoft Excel advanced includes: add a password | AND function | auto updating drop-down lists | CEILING formula | charts that update automatically | CHOOSE formula | advanced calculator | combo chart | pivot chart | customise the status bar | DATEDIF function | DATEVALUE function | DAVERAGE function | DPRODUCT | INDEX function | ISERR function | isolate first name | REPLACE function | select all cells with comments | strikethrough | timeline in pivot table | VLOOKUP with two criteria | VLOOKUP with MIN

You must register by 28th March 2021 and then you have lifetime access to the course to always refer back to .

You need internet access and will have to use a laptop, desktop or MAC for this course

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Online Microsoft Office software Course: Excel

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