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With new lockdown measures and seemingly no end to coronavirus restrictions, fuelling our bodies with balanced nutrition coupled with a healthy exercise regime has never been more important.

To help you achieve this, our sister companies fun loving boot camp managers would like to share with you some of our popular, healthy recipes from boot camps.


All events will run on Zoom, giving you the chance to ask questions and have as you prepare your culinary masterpiece!

Please buy and prep all ingredients before the event starts!

If you just want to watch and take notes that is fine.

22nd November – Egg muffin with Yusimi

Snack - Egg muffin – serves 6

This is not your usual egg muffin but a baked in masterpiece!

• 12 large eggs

• 2 tbps finely chopped red onion

• Cherry tomatoes

• Salt and pepper to taste

• basil to garnish

Special equipment required: Muffin Tray

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Online Cook-a-long

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