Lunchtime Midweek Meal at Turtle Bay Oxford : Thames Valley & Solent

This event is no longer available.

Given that some people now find themselves with more free time in the day we have decided to run some lunchtime midweek meals in Oxford to gauge their popularity.

Turtle Bay Oxford on its wave of Caribbean surf, promises lots of rum and lots of jerk. It's had no trouble coming out of its shell, planting itself squarely on the food and bar scenes.

With its vibrant Caribbean colours and a massive Red Stripe advert daubed across the wall, the whole place throbs with party. The staff have a really strong enthusiasm (bolstered by the slightly cultish chant, 'We are Turtle Bay'), but they add a lot of fun to the restaurant. Turtle Bay is infused with an idealised Caribbean spirit, pushing fun and good food.

The food is pitched as spicy, with a strong emphasis on jerk flavours. Turtle Bay has a jerk pit, a recognisably Caribbean, and delicious, style of cooking, so most things they make are going to be good. With a solid range of good, largely rum-based cocktails to choose from, half an hour can pass very smoothly.

We have booked 3 tables for 2 in the same area so that we can follow government guidelines.

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Lunchtime Midweek Meal at Turtle Bay Oxford

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