Ivy Asia Saturday March Dinner - St Paul's : London

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This event is no longer available.

Located in the heart of the city with stunning views of the world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral, The Ivy Asia St Paul’s has opened recently and have been inspiring and delighting diners with a menu as rich and varied as the diverse cultures that span the continent of Asia.

The pan-Asian influence extends to the décor too. The breath-taking, first-floor restaurant boasts an antique gold mirrored bar and a spectacular illuminated floor crafted from green, semi-precious stone. Luxurious Asian fabrics and carefully curated artwork dress the room beautifully, all under the watchful gaze of our 12ft antique samurai warriors.

Here is a link to the menu


Why not spoil yourself and join some fellow Spicer's for this exceptional restaurant!

£20 of your fee will act as a deposit and will be deducted off your bill on the night.

And as you are dining early perhaps the group may like to go on for drinks at the many other nearby bars

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Ivy Asia Saturday March Dinner - St Paul's

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