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The Great Gatsby is an immersive experience that will transport you straight to the roaring twenties! In a celebration true to the spirit of this seminal tale, head to Gatsby’s mansion in the heart of West End for the experience of a lifetime at one of his infamous parties. As far as galas go, this is the place to be. You can choose to watch from the sidelines with the other guests, or interact with the characters as the drinks flow and the drama unfolds. This breathtaking, immersive adaptation of Fitzgerald’s classic work, is a dream come true for every pop culture fan. Watch the 1925 novel come alive as the characters leap off the page and wow you in true Jazz Age fashion. Please note that the performance also involves the use of strobe lighting. 

The Story 

F. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby in 1925, inspired by his romance with a wealthy socialite and the roaring galas he was privy to during their relationship. The plot similarly follows the narrator Nick Carraway’s account of his acquaintance with his wealthy and extravagant neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby seems intent on finding a way to reunite with Daisy, his former flame - and through his lavish parties and the blossoming vibrancy of the roaring 20s, the story aimed to delve into the morally permissive era and the indulgent social history of those decades. There is also a recurring allusion to the notion of the “American dream”. 

Gatsby’s Mansion 

Gatsby’s Mansion by Immersive LDN is located at 56 Davies Street, and formerly served the role of the drill hall and the dining rooms of the Queen Victoria’s Rifles. Gatsby’s opulent mansion has been tastefully made in the art deco style, boasting of a magnificent bar and a stunning grand piano to entertain his gracious guests.

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Immersive Theatre - The Great Gatsby

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