Finding the silver lining in uncertain times : South West

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One big black cloud – many silver linings

Every one of us is having to react and adapt quickly to changes that we have no choice in at the moment. We’re adjusting to isolation and a lack of face-to-face contact with our teams, colleagues and co-workers. None of this is easy. It can add obstacles to communication, relationships and trust, as well as getting in the way of genuine friendships at work. The impact on our well-being, engagement and resilience is potentially huge.

How we think about, approach and deal with all of these things can make a big difference to how we feel, cope with, and even thrive during uncertain times. Join us for a short session full of insight and practical tips on how to remain positive and productive, and sometimes just get through, when life throws the unexpected at us.

Session will cover:

• Developing positivity in any situation

• Switching from surviving to thriving

• Committing to doing one thing differently

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Finding the silver lining in uncertain times

Hosting By

South West

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