Barrie's walk: Streatham : London

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What on earth can be interesting in what, in 2002, was voted the dullest and most congested high street in London. A straight line with lots of typical high street shops of today, fast foods, betting shops, a bingo hall and specialist shops for Caribbean’s, Asians, African and polish immigrants.

But peel away the Streatham of today and the Streatham of my youth, unfolds before you . The 1950’s and 60’s when Streatham was a very different place and a great area to live and grow up in. Streatham had more entertainment venues and luxury flats than any other area of London. My mission today is to bring alive those days and give you just a flavour of Streatham’s golden era.

I spent the first 22 years of my life in Streatham so I have first hand knowledge of what was a great place to have grown up in. Come and share with me memories of those great days. Streatham today is on the up but can it ever get back the glory days that once were ???

Phone Barrie with any queries: 07860 911393......or e.mail

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Barrie's walk: Streatham

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